Mass craft - one click for 30 stacks please


No I’m saying they should add the button to the game since it’s effectively already there for part of the playerbase.


Got you, share 100% the same opinion, but will get some autoclicker until its done.


Can’t really recommend any particular 3rd party solution since it’s a grey area that I don’t think the devs have said anything official about. Could be wrong though.


I think PS4 players would need easier mechanic for crafting much same items: repeat firing when holding button down or some other mechanic.

In PC we are able to use several inputs by default and some seem to use external applications that are easy to setup for this.


I tried getting a “turbo” controller for this very reason but they barely exist. I wasn’t going to pay high dollar for one, tried a cheap Ps3 one that was supposed to be compatible with Ps4 but it didn’t work. I took a 6 month vacation from Boundless before I found a working turbo controller, not for one reason in particular but clicking x x x x x x was one source of sadness that made me not want to log in lol.

I am finding the grind to rebuild rather enjoyable though, just threw my first batch of work benches into my crafting table last night. Will start on coils at some point but honestly with the economy finally up and running I don’t need them.


Could use same mechanic as placing blocks. A short pause after first click, then repeat start.


I really just want timber crafting to not be instant and give xp like stone.


I kinda agree with this…
As rock is pretty much comparable to trunk.

Although i just usually use trunks heh.


I think any mouse that has hardware macros would work in boundless on PS4, I haven’t tried it so your mileage may wary but since they just send the same signal I see no reason it wouldn’t work. At least logitech has these afaik.


Logitech Gaming Software for their G series gaming mouse does it. Got an extra 10 buttons on the side in 3 colors (3 different setups possible - i use autoclick on one button when it’s turned to green with a button under the scrollwheel)



I actually have X7 mouse and remembered there was a software with macros for it, so I have installed that, set 10 clicks macro and works like a charm.

Nevertheless, it should be in-game functionality available for all IMO.


I’m right there with ya man. Arthritis is a bear. I use a G600 and am not sure how I’d do half of the repetitive tasks in this game if it weren’t for that. In fact I physically would probably just be incapable of playing for any real stretch of time which would stink since to get anything done in game requires good stretches of time.


I did the math once on how many clicks of the X one build was going to take for crafting blocks alone… and then decided not to build it :joy:


Autoclicker is not a solution for this.
I havent ever tried it and not going to…
Again this is 3rd party program as i see it abd it should not be allowed in the game.

This is just my opinion about it


I’m looking at the crafting system as part of reviewing the game. This includes the crafting volumes, rates and interfaces.

One thought I did have and I’m curious to know if it would be interesting for players is:

Would we be interested in an auto-craft mode? In this mode you would be able to set a machine to automatically craft a specific recipe whenever there was sufficient resources in the machine.

This would mean that once set to auto-craft simply depositing items into the machine would be sufficient for it to start crafting… automatically. So this technically be an auto-queue mode. Open the machine, shift-click the new items, and the machine would instantly queue up the recipe again.


I think that could work. But it should work on crafting tables also cause major of these clickings are made there… rock > stone . Trunk >timber


If you are autocrafting will the machine do a mass craft if you have sufficient materials or just the Single recipe? Or when you select a recipe are you picking the item to be crafted as well as Single Bulk or Mass craft?


I would rather have autocraft than shift-click stack crafting, since the que only holds 30 but autocraft would be higher than that. You da man!


10 chars


Actually I’ve been wishing this! Then all we need is a hopper between storage and the machine and we have automatic production lines :smiley: But maybe that’s going too far…