Mass craft - one click for 30 stacks please


I like this idea a lot! It would also allow players to leave specific machines configured for others to deposit into - even if they don’t have the relevant crafting recipes unlocked.

I would assume the latter - you configure the machine to craft a specific recipe and each of the 3 types of crafting is it’s own recipe really.


If we could set it to autocraft masscraft, and not just individual craft, then yes this would be fantastic. Having the ability to just dump all the new gathered and/or bought mats in to a recipe that’s selected as the autocraft, this would go a long ways in to freeing up time to do other things in game.(if you are crafting at scale*)

Yes yes yes. A hopper would be fantastic. It could be a high end recipe? Maybe uses lucents? Don’t know, just throwing out ideas.
Might be too far, but yes I love this idea.


Just gonna repost my thoughts.

Only this IF this is applied to crafting tables also not just machines.


yes…YES…YES!!! I believe we would accept this. :smiley:


Oh um yes this also!


I think this is a great idea also if applied to all machines and crafting table.

Also would like to see auto feed from a storage block or a new “hopper” like item and output to a shop stand would be a huge huge improvement.


Wow. I didn’t think the concept of an autocraft could be any better, but then you went ahead and made it better.


Have you seen the dev response about the craft all function?



Wouldn’t the autocraft essentially be a craft all button? You could queue any arbitary number of crafts by just inserting the materials in to the machine storage and clicking autocraft on.


Yup, even better


What’s the catch?.. sorry to sound negative but there’s usually some compromise when something positive like this is suggested, my guess is that it would be at the expense of xp?


I’m not sure those are the same comparisons. In one we had the crafting time just reduced/nixed.

In this scenario the time to do things still exists, it is just going to bypass the amount of clicks needed.

You could be right and there may be a catch but I’m fingers crossed there isn’t one.


Exp penalties are kinda to be expected at this point though.


I’m hoping too but unfortunately I’m an eternal pessimist, that way I’m less likely to be disappointed :grin:


We can just keep the pitchforks in the shed queued up for sharpening then :sweat_smile: They are there if we need them!


I use a mouse macro to achieve this. One click of a certain button on my mouse sends in 30 clicks to the client. I usually still have to click it a couple times to fill up the queue as I think there’s some kind of input limit.

inb4 the pitchforks come out claiming an “unfair advantage” and that using a mouse macro is “hacking”


What happens if there are ingredients in a machine that can be used to craft a few different items though? Gleam and metal bars could lead to machine crafting either doors, trap doors or maybe poles or glass panes?

Like when checking “able to craft” and seeing a few recipes active. Now we manually click on what we want to craft from a list of possible recipes. Automatic crafting would have to make some kind of player-set choices (pre-set priorities in machine GUI?)


I sounds like you would have set it to craft a specific recipe.


Autocraft is better than craft all. If it’s crafting as long as there are mats you can stuff it with more mats than 30 mass crafts could allow.

And James just mentioned that in this very thread, so whadsayaknow huh!


I think this would be an interesting addition to the crafting system.

It would promote people having more than one or two workbenches, as you would be able to build little assembly lines. In these you just dump items from one machine to the next and not have to manually queue up would make that actually a more reasonable thing to do.

I don’t know why there would need to be a catch. You are saving 20secs of interface interaction at most. That doesn’t merit a system to counter abuse to me.