Mass craft - one click for 30 stacks please


Is it going to be just one though, that we can set to automatic?

If we could have a few recipes automated in one machine (so we don’t have to craft and place separate machine for each recipe we are interested to have automated), then, in case we pick recipes with similar ingredients, there would have to be a solid way to prioritize them in place (maybe just ability to chose a defined number of recipes and put them in order of importance; or to specify production limit for each recipe, so whenever a machine reaches that limit it stops crafting that specific item and moves on to crafting next on the list).

Another thing: if we could pick a few recipes for automated crafting, it would be good to be able to specify whether item that is first on the list is crafted until needed ingredients are exhausted, or only a specific amount is crafted after which the machine starts crafting the item that is next on the list and so on.


The ONLY downside i can see from this, is that when doing rocks, you’d have to sort between the 3 types before throwing it into the table.

But that’s the only one i can think of and it would still be LEAGUES better than what we have now.

I fully support this idea!


This is perfect idea for lazy person like me,
I still remember when I play one of minecraft mode, I setup entire system just for this kind of feature.
So every time i just need to throw everything to one place, and done :slight_smile:
No more organize and clicking .


Meh, easy solution:
3 tables, or 3 rows of tables.
The first does sedi, throw all rocks in
The ones that remain in there once it’s done crafting, throw in the second which is doing igneus
And what remains in there you throw in the 3rd.

Easy peasy…


Probably a lot easier to implement a single craft all checkbox than a priority system with gui etc. Machines are really cheap, most recipes require miniscule power so you don’t need to fully coil all the automated machines. It would be ideal tho, just more complicated and more dev time.


I think the hopper idea would be quite interesting, it would add a bit of logic/puzzle element to the game.

Those that are crafting things like pies or marble regularly can set up production lines using autocraft and hoppers.

Can have multiple machines crafting the basic ingredients feeding other machines crafting the next level of mats, which then connect to the final processing machine.

I can see some interesting ways to set up production lines.

But, getting ahead of ourselves, the idea of autocraft only just been floated, the hopper idea hasn’t been mentioned by a dev, though it think it would be a great addition!


I’m sorry but I think a hopper to automate our workshops is a really bad idea!

I mean, what if it decides to explode? Half our workshop gone! Especially if you have more than one working for you they might do a chain reaction! And do we need to muffle them or something because the noises they make can be rather annoying at times, they always seem so angry.

And what if I accidentally shoot it because I thought a wild hopper snuck in? Then I can re-train another one.

Nah, bad idea!




I can’t tell you how happy reading this line made me. Anxiously awaiting more news on this. :slight_smile:


A wild dan appears.


You were just kicking hoppers the other day, said so yourself! Of course you run the risk of explosion :boom: doing such a thing


They love bobbing about in water so you just need to set them up in their own little pools, that seems to keep them calm :yum:


Professional grade lurker. :wink: