Maximum Starberry Nerd Information


My yams vary between 104-108% and i have no idea why


A small error there, at least according to the crop data JSB can take 20 air blocks. 1% seed bonus per air block isn’t a lot though so I’m not sure if it’s worth it to make it even more sparse.


Max tileable efficiency for sustainable JSB is a free floating foliage block, with 4 thorns each 1 block away in each 4 directions. Done :yum:

Then tile 3 more foliage blocks each 1 away from each thorn, rinse and repeat. Its not max seeding, but gives more than 100


The stated yield in the hud was 110%. What I actually got when I harvested was 104%. It is that nasty rng.


Man, this is awesome! Exactly what I was hoping somebody to post!
Kinda wishing someone would do that for all crops.


dunno about you ppl but i have this setup its easy to plant and gather + decent ratios:

35% yield 107% seed
for the 2 bottom ones and 164% yield 98% seed on the top row.


Glossys you can get close to 200% crop think like 195 or so.

But thats pretty good balance that you have


I’ll be doing more testing over the weekend on the different crops.

I’ll be finding the best design for 1 plot farms (that are repeatable/stackable) for both max crop yield, max seed yield and sustainable yields (100% seed yield with as much crop as possible)

When I’ve done it all, I’ll put together a video :+1:


I worked it out to be 18 blocks of air, could be wrong but I can confirm it later on when I’m online :slightly_smiling_face:

Plus with 20 blocks of air needed in addition to he 6 blocks of thorns, that would equal 26 blocks which is over the max “near” block radius. Unless you’re saying you don’t need 6 blocks of thorns?


True, can’t get 20+6 on a single crop. You could use it when focusing on produce, since then you’re only using 3 other blocks :thinking: I only see in the game data that 20 air blocks is the max JSB considers when calculating the yields. for reference. I feel like this link is spammed way too much but it’s just the only reference I can put here :smiley:


Ahh I see what you mean, perhaps you get the 20 air blocks when your leaning towards a bigger crop yield and therefore might use less of the required “near” block?

More testing is required! :joy:


Do you mind if I come by and look at that sometime? Can I get your coordinates?

Good job BTW!


sure im located at eresho ultima hub behind the angel. when ill be online ill give exact coords


hey thanks! no worries…I can find it.


image here it is :slight_smile:


Okay here’s my tiled farms for sustainable berry farming: In order starberry, glossy, juicy:

Starberry: Crop yield 184%, seed yield 106%

Glossy Starberry: Crop yield 134%, seed yield 101%

Juicy Starberry: Crop yield 60%, seed yield 102%

As these are intended to be tiled, you will see some differences at the edges / corners, these will tend to negligible as the total farm size increases although you could sneak in an extra thorn block on the last one in corners to smooth out the change.


Hard to see how many spaces you have in between those blocks, but here’s the one I use, which does 56% crop and 100% seed, and might be more dense than the one in your picture.

(Edit: That’s for juicy starberries :slight_smile:


my straight line distances are all 1 block, all alligned where yours is offset by 1 between rows. I aimed for just above 100% to grow slowly over time :wink:


I can confirm that a chessboard pattern of air and waxy leaves, with proper light, gives a Crop yield of 184%, abd Seed yield of 106%.
That seems wrong to me, since it doesn’t involve mould or ancient wood timber. I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes in a later update…
Although, I hope it doesn’t, because I like it that way. ^^


Mould and Timber are only required to get the yields to max. For the rest, the normal starberries are a very low level crop, so shouldn’t require too much effort to set up, so it seems fine to me.