Maybe its time?

maybe its time to give us ability to change our race?

there 6 years passed already from this


That would be pog but I’d rather see more content in the game before a cosmetic change like this.

Some of those races look absolutely awesome though!


Probably in a year or two when they are making bigger improvements. I’m guessing that if we see this, it will be monetized. Some races part of GC, some races purchase only. Which sounds like a good idea to me.


I know it’s def a ways off but would love to see this! My character looks like a grandma l0l


Races are very low on my priority list and I hope it is low on the new devs liat also.

Aesthetics are currently not even remotely a problem and most likely wouldn’t bring in any more players. I personally have a hard time even purchasing skins, glasses or hats in the game simply because I never look at my character.

That New Player Experience though.


Recipe for successful F2P:

  • Excellent NPE (great tutorial, fast movement to the parts of the game people love)
  • Long-term retention mechanics (endgame)
  • Effective monetization (recurring subscriptions, frequent cosmetic releases)

Hmm… Actually, adding more races might be counterintuitive since it would probably either require different cosmetics per race (like the suits in Halo Infinite) or a much more extensive dev & QA process for new cosmetics(like Guild Wars 2)…

Hard to say.

I still want it tbh, even if I only get 1 or 2 outfits, I’ll pay $20 to be a swamp grass person(#4).

Oh, but my point was… While NPE is very very important no matter what, cosmetics are in line with the preliminary plans Monumental has brought up.

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While I like that, I’d rather have the advanced skill pages and a better New Player Experience.