Meet and greet. for old and new players

For those who have used the old forum I do not need to say much but I sincerely hope to see a lot of new activity here!

Use this topic to introduce yourselves and get to know other awesome players.

My nickname is mittekemuis in every forum and ingame so that is easy :smile: I have been playing oort online for a couple of months now. I have been building on Folva but for those who want to visit I am a it out of everybody’s way as for my own protection against griefing.

My name is Cathy I live in Belgium and I am a mother of two teenagers who ones the game is fully out I promised to buy them a copy.

Now it is up to you guys!


Hipolipolopigus basically everywhere, Hipo for people that get tongue-tied :wink:

From New Zealand, been on the OO scene since ~400 backers, penchant for tinkering with code and machinery. More of an infrastructure builder than a creative type in games like Minecraft and OO. Really keen for modding, would like to get some basic automation/resource management going :stuck_out_tongue:

Did some building on Gaia around the time it was opened up, helped Nyuudles out with some stuff on… I forget which server, and was the first to make floating islands in the world builder!

You probably won’t see me around much these days, the lack of stairs is… Frustrating :neutral_face:


Ben here, designer/dev on the Oort Online team at Wonderstruck in the UK! :smile:


Wish good health to all!
My usual nickname is DamTerrion Limarus, but Oort (not the first, unfortunately) not allow two capital letter at one word. And my name here - Okkelinor, true name of my character. This is a long story and hope one day I will relate it. May be even on different languages.
I play Oort Online for a few weeks now, but havn’t enough time to play regularly. No one world of Oort has my house. Now, I travel from one world to another, looking for it and make photos. You can see my “photos” here. It’s not all, but a good part. In the near time I will publish it somewhere here.
What’s else?.. Oh, yes!
My name is Maks, and I am from place, that typed in profile. I have pleasant profession - production engineer and technologist of lithographic production and very wholesome education of technical physicist in optics.
Trying to make dissertation at holographic theme and be a good husband.

Have a nice time of day :wink:


Meteoriteman here, but I also go by Bac on steam. Well, I feel really intimidated by the talent shown in this thread. Modders? Devs? Wow, as a just an average joe I feel really overpowered by you guys.
In any case, I am also an aspiring videogame developer and designer. I have taken a career path that will allow me to work for what I love: Videogames and their vast and open margin of art and also, the all powerful quality of fart jokes.
I will keep following this project, as I love the concept of a MMORPG voxel game, which is something I never thought I wanted. I would keep joining minecraft servers that roleplayed a lot, and now that a real RPG-voxel game is coming I feel so inclined to join in and add my two cents into the mix.
Once I learn enough, I will start modding minecraft and other mod-able games, and I wish to do so in this one, to continue expanding it’s promised content. Keep up the good work guys!


I go by many names… Bantagonist, ShotZISummonZ, Shadow Jack ™, Keith, but my name is Jack and I’ve been playing OO for [insert time period as soon as I remember] after playing Polycraft over on and being referred to OO by Ben! I’m in to all kinds of different games but I’ve earned the nickname ‘The housewife of gaming’ based on my passive approach to competitive games and love of creativity such as building in sandbox games.

I’m looking forward to making new friends with you guys and everyone else within the OO community over time! :smiley:


Kael here. I’m more active on the steam forums for the game and I hang out in Melfig around the little island next to a house I found and I’m getting pretty good with the grappling hook!


I love how a vast majority of people here tend to do game design.


Hi my name is Thaddeus In game name is Grey707 sadly thought grey would be taken so didn’t try for it :sob:

Im from USA. Northern California where the really big trees grow lol
Im 23 Psych major

I mostly play on Uliap in the main city which happens to be 50 miles away from the capital lol
so if anyone is bored or cant find anyone to play with you can always join me and help to develop Uliap’s city in all its awesomeness.

No like really im going crazy from the loneliness -.-


Hey my name is Thorbjørn or Thorbjorn (Which also was my name at the last forum if the picture didn’t give it away) just to make it easier for other to write, my in game name is Thobjorn42gbf but by some reason most internet communities i am part of ends up calling me Thor :slight_smile:

I am from Denmark and is 17 years old.

I found Oort online when i was shown it at a forum for Stonehearth which i am just as exited for as this game.
I have mostly been derping around the worlds not doing much up until now as my graphic card broke down on my gamer computer so i lagged to much to do anything else :sob:


Hello, I’m Sean Cruz, sometimes known as cruzdroid, or seancruz. I’m a game developer/artist and I just recently got Oort Online. Really enjoyed exploring the worlds. Can’t wait for an update and see how this game develops!


I’m Joreel, Jeremy in real life and I live in sunny San Diego, CA
Just celebrated 20 yrs of marriage (and she hasn’t killed me yet)…
I’ve been playing PC games since 1985 and I still haven’t lost my passion for them. I still have the 386SX computer I started on LOL
Beta tested my first game in 1996, a small game called Creatures where you controlled the lives of alien creatures that looks a lot like Gizmo from Gremlins.



I’m Araielle (pronounced Air-A-L). Feel free to call me Ara. I’m in the US (EST). I work full time & away from home for a railroad construction company with my father & brother. I have a HUGE family & I am very close with them.
I casually play games in my spare time. I may stream every once in a blue moon. I was born in 88 & grew up playing board & card games. Got into video games around the mid 90s. :smiley: I participate in Extra Life & other gaming type fundraisers.
I LOVE animals. I have two dogs; a Westy & a b&w English Springer Spaniel. I have two cats currently. One is my black kitty, Oreo & the other is a foster (who still needs a home!), Blossom. <3 You can find many pics of them on my twitter…haha. I have bunches of fish, mosty labyrinth fish, Gourami & betta fish. <3 You can find pics of them on my facebook!
Anywho, I look forward to seeing this game & community continue to grow together. It’s really nice to meet you all!


Hi I am just a new user nothing much to say just one of those people who gets lost in the crowd of funny and intelligent posts


Hey @Babasjiles :smiley:
I am sure you will get some great ideas to contribute with.


Hello all,

I’m Umajianu (pronounced Oo-Mah-G-Ah-Nu). I can also go by Maji, so no worries on that note. In the physical world I go by Josh and I am a medical physicist and lab instructor at a university.

I have always had a passion for games and this one is looking to be a fantastic one! My experiences entail lots of early days of board game play and finally with the wonders of computers I have beta tested a ridiculous amount for stand-alones and MMOs alike.

I’m looking forward to the future of this game and being able to enjoy it with all of you!


Hi I am Tvvix from germany :kissing_smiling_eyes:
I would love to do something with people on the servers - up until now I did not encounter a single person there :smile:


Well, hey again!

I’m iski, all lowercase please~ (you pronounce it ee-skee)
You can find me on steam by the same UN but I don’t generally add anyone off the bat. I’m pretty introvert and get a little stressed out talking to new people, but it’s all good. If you wanna become friends just be patient~ :sweat_smile:
I’m from Surrey, England and I’m a self employed texture artist (started when I was 17 making stuff on IMVU, lol. Now I’m 26 and sell my creations on Second Life).
I do draw a smidge too, most are weird things for a personal project I’m working on or just doodles of my character(s).
Also, I have a bad habit of randomly disappearing from forums. :flushed:

For some reason Oort is the only game I’m currently really excited to watch grow. Like, soooooo excited. I’ve never felt like this for a game before. I wanna see this do well! Can’t wait for it to grow up and become the best game ever :dizzy_face:


Zouls. intented to be pronouced ‘‘souls’’ but people keep calling me ‘‘zools’’ so i guess either one works.

like thorbjørn i’m 17 and from Denmark.

joined the game back in august around 2 weeks after they announced pre-alpha, still dont regret a thing.
you are prob going to see my name on crafting items when they come and i try to be as active as possible in forums both steam and real ones to help new players with questions.

im always up for a good discussion, so feel free to add me on steam under the same name.


Hi i’m Werff, 20 years old (21 in 30 april) and spanish!!!

I’m on steam as werff… and thats all, i only want to fight and make fortress :smiley: