MEGA THREAD: Luck and how it Affects Ore and Creature Drops [RELEASE 180]

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As a miner, once I learned that Luck now affects how much ore is dropped upon the breaking of ore blocks, I immediately used my last Cleanse Point and removed a skill to gain a few more levels in Luck.

How exactly does Luck affect ore drops, though? As well as hunting drops. Has anybody calculated percentages with this, or data mined the efficiency? Is there a point where adding an extra Luck tier no longer affects drop-rate? I want to gather as much data here as possible.

Specifically, does having a higher Luck skill ever add an extra drop to an ore? Or does it simply give you higher chances of dropping the max of whatever you are mining?

What I have gathered as of 09/24/2017…

Tier 3 Planets:

a.) x3 Drops
- Soft Coal
- Small Fossil
- Ancient Tech Fragment
- Copper
- Iron

b.) x2 Drops
- Medium Coal
- Medium Fossil
- Ancient Tech Component
- Silver
- Gold
- Titanium

c.) x1 Drops (Unaffected by Luck?)
- Hard Coal
- Large Fossil
- Ancient Tech Device
- Rough Gems

Tier 2 Planets:


Anyone else have any data to add to this?


You get 1 ancient tech device from a tier 3, and 2 ancient tech component

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I beleave tier 1 planets are unaffected.


Okay, great. Thank you.

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Do you mean the other way around? Ancient Tech Device is the second tier, and Ancient Tech Component is the third.

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No I mean that:
Ancient tech component = second tier which means 2 drop
Ancient tech device = third tier which means 1 drop

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I was mining on Vulpto yesterday. No Luck attribute so I only saw some double drops and very rarely triple and that only with the likes of soft coal. Hard coal always dropping one piece. Will level up soon and invest in Luck. I’m curious if the high tier resources can drop more than one with higher Luck or are they excluded from dropping more than one. Because I mainly focused on getting coal I can only really say sth more about that.
SOFT COAL dropping 2 in most cases, single rarer and triple yet less.
MEDIUM COAL dropping one or two more or less equally, not a single triple drop.
HARD COAL always single drop.

I also mined some gold and silver as well as titanium.
GOLD single and double drops with the latter more frequent
SILVER as above but single drops more frequent
TITANIUM single drops only.

Difference between gold and silver might be within random factor as I only mined a few dozens of both.


Ah - I was mistaken. I thought they were the other way around for some reason. Thank you.

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I mine a lot on Vulpto with three luck attribute:
Soft coal - about 50% two drops and 50% three
medium coal - about 75% two drops and 25% one
Hard coal - always one
iron ores - 50% 3 drops and 50% two
copper ores - seems the same as iron
silver and gold - 50% two drops and 50% one
Titanium - 25% two drops and 75% one
gems - always one
small fosil - 90% three drops and 10% two
medium fossil - 50% two drops and 50% one
large fossil - always one
small tech - always three
medium tech - 50% two drops and 50% one
large tech - always one

these numbers are approx. as they are based on simple observation


I also have Luck III now and here are numbers for some resources. I started with no Luck and after leveling up and buying Luck III I continued mining to compare results. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time so all the stats are based on small amounts thus they are subject to error large enough to cancel smaller differences.

Mining took place on Munteen VII.

soft coal: 23 blocks/35 drops = 1.52 drop per block
medium coal: 19/30 = 1.57
iron: 21/48 = 2.28
copper: 27/57 = 2.11

soft coal: 34/81 = 2.38
medium coal: 16/29 = 1.81
iron: 22/54 = 2.45
copper: 10/28 = 2.8

I didn’t gather enough of other resources (fossil, tech fragments and components, silver and gold) to make the numbers valid (all of them less than 10 blocks).
Even in case of coal and iron with copper numbers are small enough to question observed differences (maybe apart from soft coal and copper where progress is significant enough to accept it).

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Mined for another 2 hours on Vulpto. Luck III. Added results from the post above and here are the numbers:


item: blocks/drops = drop per block
soft coal: 184/447 = 2.42
medium coal: 127/216 = 1.7
iron: 51/124 = 2.43
copper: 10/28 = 2.52
silver: 35/61 = 1.74
gold: 41/76 = 1.85
titanium: 2/4 = 2.0
small fossil: 13/33 = 2.53
medium fossil: 7/12 = 1.71

hard coal: always 1 drop
large fossil: always 1 drop

I also mined on Septerfon. Not very long session but I checked some basic resources and here are the results.


item: blocks/drops = drop per block
soft coal: 27/44 = 1.62
medium coal: 40/50 = 1.25
iron: 26/42 = 1.61
copper: 22/38 = 1.72
small fossil: 5/9 = 1.8

hard coal: always 1 drop
large fossil: always 1 drop
silver: always 1 drop
gold: always 1 drop

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You’re a lovely person. Thank you kindly. :slight_smile:

It’ll take two or three more levels (50-“53” is a long time) to get enough cleanse points to get Luck 10, but I’m working toward it.

I’ll do a bunch of tests then. :slight_smile:

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So my nephew just maxed luck and went mining on Munteen with me and he didn’t get anymore of anything then I did. And I have no luck. What in the world?!?!? Did he just waste a ton of points in a worthless skill? We mined for an hour and got roughly the same amount of everything.

You are probably breaking things at faster rate cause luck definitely works and is worth the points. Probably you have better power and swing speed and better hammer? He should be constantly getting the max drop while you have your own chances of 1-3 drops.


Was just thinking the same. If you only compared final amount of mined resources than you wouldn’t know how many blocks you broke meaning you don’t know how many drops you got per block.

Gotcha. Thanks guys. That makes sense.


I know luck has an effect on ore drops, but it’s not very pronounced. You get a base amount of bonus drops based on planet difficulty, and I THINK a %chance on at least one, maybe two extra drops beyond that. This amount does not seem to be that much return on investment.

However where luck is most noticeable is with mob drops. Not only is the frequency of drops higher, but the quality too. This is noticeable on Cuttletrunks and Hoppers, where you tend to see more gems than flesh with higher rates of luck. Bomb bunnies drop better metals more often like gold, silver, titanium and less often copper or iron.

So, to answer the question IS IT WORKING? Yes.
Is it worth the investment in points? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The first two levels definitely worth investing in. Beyond that increase in drops seem to be slower although I don’t have enough data for lvls IV and V just yet.


The moment I decided to invest in luck is during the great hunt when others already got 100 oort stones while I only have around 40 I think and noticed it is worth the points.

As for mining, I find it pretty balanced pre-luck skill so I don’t want to touch that. Maybe investing in luck could give us the potential to get more than the hardcoded caps? iron/copper to max of 5, hard coal max of 3, etc.

I’ve just maxed out on luck but haven’t had the time to mine that much so I can’t say much.


I was closing on maxing luck with my main character but after skill reset I made him a builder/crafter and moved mining and hunting to the second char. So it might be a while before I get to testing luck IV and V.