MEGA THREAD: Luck and how it Affects Ore and Creature Drops [RELEASE 180]

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I’m sorry guys but after seeing my nephew take down some higher level mobs and the drops he got I really don’t think luck is tweaked properly. I’m gonna have to do an hour worth of hunting and compare it cuz he wasn’t seeing any drops like that.

Make sure you note how many mobs you hit and what kind and level to control drops per one creature rather than an hour worth hunt.
The thing is that luck affects lower tier resources more than higher ones.
For example hard coal always drops one until level III luck. I haven’t tried luck IV and V. The same time even one level of luck gives you a lot more drops of soft coal, small fossil or copper. The same it’s easier to see increase in creature drops like meat and bones or iron and copper while gem drops and such might show less difference.

This is interesting. I’d rather have 0 power than 0 luck for mining - its bonus is totally invaluable in my experience. I’m mining almost exclusively on ring worlds from its introduction - you do know that it’s potential effect increases on moon and right worlds, right?

Well first of all luck doesn’t affect home worlds at all. I assumed everyone knows that.
Then drops start increasing with Luck level and world level.
Stats I posted clearly show that moons give less bonus per luck level than ring planets.

I managed to get to Luck IV with my new character and here are first results on a 3rd tier world (short session so its not based on satisfying amount of blocks).


soft coal: 121 blocks/321 drops = 2.65
medium coal: 81/140 = 1.72
iron: 20/53 = 2.61
copper: 28/73 = 2.61
silver: 37/65 = 1.75
gold: 15/26 = 1.75
titanium: 1/2 = 2.0
small fossil: 9/21 = 2.33
medium fossil: 9/14 = 1.55

hard coal: always 1 drop
large fossil: always 1 drop

So, there seem to be a slight increase of drops for 1st tier resources (10-20 drops more per 100 blocks). 2 tier resources don’t seem to show progress, although I didn’t break enough blocks to be sure and results for them are within error margin.

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From my experience luck has zero affect on mob drops. My normal hunting targets are T4-5 Cuttletrunk which drop on average 1-3 gems. I maxed out luck today and drop rates were still 1-3 gems. (3 Types, 1 of each)

Agreed. My nephew maxed out luck and it simply wasn’t worth it. Every time we both go mining together on a tier 3 planet we end up with almost the same amount of loot and I don’t have any luck at all. He does end up with a little more than me but not enough to make luck worth maxing out, let alone spending even one point in.

Well, with max luck mining tier 3 worlds:

I have 100% of the time:

3 soft coal per block
2 med coal per block
3 tech tier 1 per block
2 tech tier 2 per block
3 copper ores
3 irons ores
2 gold ores
2 silver ores
2 titanium ores

1 of all tier 3 drops and gems

And it’s really 100%, i always have those drops, no randomization.

It does not seems to be that way with mobs drop

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Oh good to know!
Thats what I suspected. Don’t need to make any more research so.

I planted enough data for people to decide if they are happy with luck 2, 3 or 4 instead of full one as the progress is clearly seen there.

Example - 1st tier resources (soft coal, iron/copper, small fossil, tech fragment) drop between just below 2 to 3 in the 3rd tier worlds (kinda 1.7-2.0 with no luck and increasing by 0.2 -0.3 with each luck level).


This is good info, thank you. Now to determine if spending that many points to max luck makes it worth getting only that much extra…:thinking:

You check it against your tool mastery and power and how many its more you need to break a block vs. how many more drops you get:

so - if you need 2 swings to break coal block on home world and 4 on the 3rd tier world - than you want to have at least 2 as many drops on the 3rd tier world to make it work

no point getting twice as many drops if you need lets say thrice as many hits to break a block - thats pure waste of tools

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Well, since i am mainly a miner/crafter/merchant, it’s clearly worth the point for me but as i say, it is not the same with mobs, so i guess hunters would be disapointed a bit.
P.S. when your mining coal, you love max luck

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I’ll make sure to use my nephews account the next time I go out mining for Coal. :smirk:

Updated luck info as of 12-10-17.

I bought a second account to just experiment with its characters. Have one now with maxed out luck, totally seems to be a waste of valuable points. I actually only used dexterity, hammer maxed, and luck. I get no different results as whats already posted by boundmore and same results when hunting with others like Cookviper and his nephew.

At the end of it all, “yay” you get more of the most abundant coal in the game, and no more gems than your partner while hunting after 4 hours. So to me it’s not worth it. I’m not even sure if its worth a single point. Maybe max out Attributes Bonus, which gives you equivalent to 1 point in all skills, more bang for the buck. Get your luck that way.


Truth. I’ve also tested the maxed out Luck effect and it did not improve the quantity of loot I gain from hunting. Totally waste of points.

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Maybe our developers can then explain what LUCK is actually going to be used for? OR when it will be enabled and the points be helpful?


I agree in current state it seems little or no point in maxing Luck out - just get it high enough to be able to mine basic ores and coal faster on the ring planets.
Hard coal and gems are not affected by Luck. It would be nice to get at least 1.5 drop on average when half way through Luck and 2 with maxed out.

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Thank you for all of the help here, guys. I’ll edit the post for the time being so people know not to put points into Luck for now.

…nevermind? Apparently I don’t have access to edit my own post?

To me having luck only affect the lowest level anything, makes luck worthless. Skill points in other areas are worth way more than an extra couple soft coal.