MEGA THREAD: Luck and how it Affects Ore and Creature Drops [RELEASE 180]

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It would be nice to hear from the developers or @james on if luck is enabled and for them to give a bit explanation around it… Just so people know that if maxing it there is really a benefit. As to what the benefit is I am find if they don’t want to say but at least let us know if we should consider it.

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It doubles the drops of most ores (excluding gems and hard coal) on ring worlds - totally worthwhile for mining. People seem to underestimate its multiplicative bonus on lower-end items.

I’m getting 60 coin per soft coal block I mine - it’s crazy good money. Medium coal is even more lucrative with high luck. In fact it is so good that I’ve stopped mining gems since that is less lucrative than mining ore with luck (even @ 500 coin per gem).


I am very happy with how luck works with basic resources. I posted somewhere else that I can mine all the coal I need for crafting myself, while before luck I was behind with providing fuel for smelting and spark.

However it looks like last 3 levels don’t change much in mining. It seems help more with hunt drops.


I get almost that with just the Attribute Bonus maxed out. and nothing extra put into luck. To gain 1 extra coal sometimes, doesn’t seem worth maxing luck to me. Its 8 slots, and only a diff of 2 items. the spread is kinda retarded to spend that many points and only affecting low end stuff.

I get more coal than I can shake a stick at to run everything I ever could need spark for. Infact I spend more time repairing than I do mining coal. Just my experience.

Maybe if there was only 3 levels to drop points into. Its not game breaking to get an extra coal if you only spent 15 points in the tree.

OOHH I can get the creature drops fairly easily if yall still need them.

please bring some to BAY Mart and sell it to me :sunglasses::grin:
agree on almost more time spent on repairing cores than mining lol but thats temporary as soon as it gets fixed we will be able to focus on things rather than watching spark production

I hear ya.:smile:




With the release of 188 and more skill points given to us, I decided to max Luck since apparently Luck was buffed.

I have Luck 10, and Attributes 5 (which adds a level to luck) and on Vulpto, all tier III drops are yielding up to THREE per!

Mining one Rough Ruby, Large Fossil, or Hard Coal can yield three each. You read that correctly.

Tier II drops such as Coal and Medium Fossil yield up to SIX per.

Guys, this is incredible for miners. Luck is more important than ever. I’m going to do some tests on the different planets and the different resources to see what else is affected in what ways.

Edit: If someone with Luck 5 or 6 or so wants to do some tests as well and get back to me with their findings, that would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Yeah, its sooo cool.
When I played testing for a few days I haven’t even noticed first. I did notice that (as announced by devs) high tier resources seams got bigger, but failed to see multiple drops of hard coal and large fossil and higher drops of gold and titanium and silver. Until I stopped after some mining to check on my yield and went “Wait a minute! How come I have 60+ hard coal?”

My mining days will be long and fruitful. More joy definitely.

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I’m going to be mining a lot again due to this. The Atlas is also amazing because I now know where not to stray in caves on Vulpto to find Ruby, since they’re concentrated to such small areas.


I’m only about to use atlas for mining now - the first time. I used it for exploring/hunting before. In testing I didn’t lay my hands on one.

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