MEGA THREAD: Luck Attribute Testing RELEASE 188]

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As of Release 188, the Luck attribute was buffed. Before, it seemed that, on Tier III planets, Luck multiplied Tier I drops by three, Tier II drops by 2, and didn’t affect Tier III drops. (Mining. Data wasn’t gathered for hunting.)

When Release 188 hit, I reset my skills, and this time I maxed Luck and the General Attributes trait to give myself 11 levels in Luck. I started mining in a Ruby hotspot on Vulpto, and our Luck has DEFINITELY improved.

The multiple of x for each tier of drop represents the most you can get from breaking a single block. You can still receive lower than the maximum.

Tier 3 Planets:


  • Soft Coal
  • Small Fossil
  • Ancient Tech Fragment
  • Copper
  • Iron

b.) x6 Drops

  • Medium Coal
  • Medium Fossil
  • Ancient Tech Component
  • Silver
  • Gold

c.) x4 Drops

  • Titanium

d.) x3 Drops

  • Hard Coal
  • Large Fossil
  • Ancient Tech Device
  • Rough Gems

Tier 2 Planets:


I’m going to do some testing of max Luck on all three planets with all resources, but I’d like to see some Hunting data if at all possible, which I can’t do with my zero-combat build.

I’d also like to see someone with different levels of Luck test when Luck starts bringing more drops on different tiers and such.


x3 for hard coal and gems? Sure? I have maxed luck and I always get x1 only for them. (After release as well)

I can take a screenshot if you like when I hop back on. This has happened for me multiple times.

so it is the max that it can dropped? not like it was before. if you have full luck, you shall always drop max?

Was it like that, before? I remember there being a chance for maximum drop, rather than always dropping maximum. Unless my memory fails me. But with full Luck, I don’t always get the maximum drops with the current release.

Please do, because I was told that and I tried it. Went to tier 3 world, with a gem hammer and hammered down hard coals multiple times…then I realised you needed spark to compact coal and was like ■■■■… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah. Yeah, that Spark’ll getcha. :stuck_out_tongue:

When did they add Power to the game, though? I realized that Power is needed also to compact Coal. How would I set that up? o.o

the big update was yesterday. Power comes from engines which is a (female dog -_-) to make. I will just wait for people to make them and buy them myself as I make my money from footfall and selling gem hammers as always.

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I got on Munteen VII x3 drop from tech one device node.boundless-3xdevice-drop


that was even before update i think

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Oh… That’s incredibly unfortunate… I thought the Engines just sped up machines. I didn’t realize you /needed/ them now. Welp… Guess I’ll be waiting as well for someone I can purchase them from.

Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

they speed them up if you have more power than that required. For example if an item takes an hour to craft with 1000 power, it may take like 15 minutes with 5000 power or so. But they cant be crafted in the first place without that power.

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Makes sense. I’ll be purchasing a lot of them, I am certain. Heh. What are the crafting recipes so I can get a sense of their worth?

in testing it was up to 3 for ring world - only tried moon since the update moved to live and its always 1 there

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Screenshots. Just took this.


I have gotten x3 as well

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Seems like you have to dump a lot into luck. Putting one or two levels in it doesn’t do enough to justify the cost. It feels like that luck should be either on or off. Or more noticeable levels.

I did do a bunch of test over the last couple hours. On starter worlds luck was more hit or miss for me. But On lvl 2 worlds when drops started to feel more Singles than 2-3’s that luck boosted it to mostly 2’s. But It took luck maxed out for it.

So the diff between no luck and max luck is literally 1 to 2 extra by a %. So why is there 8 levels of luck? Redundant at best.

I know some of you have “luck” with getting more than 1 drop out of gems, But I never once received more than 1 gem out of 60 diamonds with max luck.

Gems in tier 3 planets drop in multiples, they don’t seem to on tier 2 worlds like andoweem.

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This may be wrong but from my experieince it seems to be the case:

Luck is the percentage chance the item will drop, so if there is a chance that four items will drop from something mined each item will fit within a 25% window, that is, there would rougly be 100% chance one item will drop, 75% chance two will drop 50% chance 3 will drop and 25% chance one will drop. Im sure the percentage chance probably drops as you go up the number count to make it more of a rarity for more to drop as you go up in item amount, but i just went with 25% as it helped paint the picture. Also i imagine the top amount to drop (or even top two depending on how they have it set up) could be 0% with no luck so with a few points on luck these would still only show up occasionally (if at all if the higher tier is hidden behind some kind of luck wall).

This way each point on luck will only give you an extra 11% on each of these chances. This also allows the devs to later play with this in adding extra chances of luck combined with equipment or potions (hammer of luck, hat of luck etc) which could reveal extra drops hidden behind walls of, or negative luck, or even multiply some of the drops. It also means those dedicated to mining or farming can progress and feel they are advancing not only in the tools they can use (giving them more speed) but with the amount they can collect from a limited set of resources.

There are defiantly noticeable levels, but as each point only adds 11% you have to mine around 10 items for each point of luck to notice the difference, but i remember times i have levelled up whilst mining (and spent some points on luck) and found that extra 11% a nice incentive/feeling of progression through the occasional extra drop.