Mesh Limit explanation from devs!

What counts toward the mesh limit exactly? How many plots count toward a mesh limit?

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Sorry I dont have an exact list but maybe this will help at least a little bit. If the block is a cube and you can chisel it normally (or it’s liquid) then it’s not a mesh.

Things like machines, shelves, etc that have their own custom shape instead of being just a cube, those are meshes.

The mesh limit is per chunk, which is a 2x2 area of plots from mantle to skybox (so 32 plots high)


You can search the forum for past topics. I found this one that might help you.


I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the mesh limit is different for each chunks, and a chunk would be 2x2 plots horizontally and extending in the entire verticality from mantle to sky limit.

Only stuff that isn’t a block (or a glass pane because those are technically just like a block chiseled to 1/8th of their normal width) will count toward the mesh limit, so you can build a house of glass panes without worrying.

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Simoyd has it all right. The only other thing I would add is the max is 512 per 2x2 chunk. Also, don’t expect it to change because it affects performance in displaying the game.

If on PC there is a dev menu (enable in options and then F1) and you can see your chunks in one of the screens and the mesh limit if you want more specific data.

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Also add if you are farming combustion they count towards the mesh limit as well

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Is it just combustion that counts or does all farming?

its definitely not all farming. I know the starberries, kranuts, wheat, oats and tuber plants are not meshes.

just combustion and the prestigious crops (the ones that wither) basically if it’s 3D and not a cube… then it’s a mesh… grass and most crops are a collection of 2D elements at intersecting angles to give the illusion of being 3D… they do not count as a mesh :wink:


Explains why that number appears every time I plant combustion.

Mesh limit is always the same…

Maybe, just maybe when next gen consoles are released they might up the minimum system requirements, but then it will not run well on PS4 anymore which is a bad idea I suppose.

Grass, most crops besides combustion and the prestige ones are not blocks but also not meshes (the grass and crops are rather flat when you are near them, combustion for instance is not).

Also need to mention that the new glass pane signs are indeed meshes even tho they look like panes (due to the text on them)…

Not what I meant.
I meant if you go to another chunk, the mesh-limit value you’re at will be different.

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Ohh, like that, my bad, your comment read like the mesh limit is not always the same in all the chuncks!

No worries, I got how you could’ve understood it that way, it was my wording that was a bit off.