Meteor battles and why all the same

Can we get a slight change in the meteor battles fighting waves of creatures is fine but adding a chance for a boss creature to spawn at the end of the meteor for group hunts would be better just give it some sort of drops that would be worth the fight.


This would be a lot fun. If at the end of the meteor a massive cuttletrunk or wildstock were to spawn. Maybe add another level to the meteor level 7 meteors with this boss spawn.

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Or a massive road runner and everyone has to help grapple it so it runs out of stamina allowing a wave of players to attack it.

I suggested this several months ago. No dev response


I wouldn’t even care if it dropped nothing. Just get some excitement back into hunting! A 1.5 hour hunt easily nets you 100k+ in oort + drops. But it’s just such a monogomous bore!


I’m already terrified at the thought of boss wildstocks but I love the idea

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Ugh I detest the “Boss” concept. Fine to have a stronger creature but deploy it at random time for a real challenge.

Yea spice up my hunts getting real boring. Would be great to get some random forged gear from the drops or pots or something