Meteorite On The Head Club


If the meteorite fall on your head …

I just got hit by a meteor

3 squares away is my closest. It was exciting…


i got the level six on my head ouch hehe


ditto @the-moebius the video is somewhere :laughing::joy:


LOL I joined this club on Wednesday this week! :joy:


Omg this clubs name reminds me of a crude joke my friend used to make in highschool. Joke is PM only as it’s R18 haha.

I will aspire to be hit by a meteor!


IVE DONE IT! Lets bring this back!


Hasn’t happened yet, but I almost got hit by a meteor the other day and was like, “Daaah!”

And when about halfway finished with that meteor another lands about 50 feet away and also almost hits me. I wonder if the devs steer meteors for fun :joy: I know I would!


welcome @fidach