Minecraft Thread

Since a few of us talking about it here and there, figured no harm in starting a dedicated OT thread here?

As I’ve mentioned, sort of got it’s hooks into me again, and recently really loving exploring the seeds with the experimental stuff. Lot of extremely cool finds, so much that it is kind of spoiling for me all the worlds I have going now. :rofl: Like, I’m finding all these epic flower forest/mountain merge areas with cool waterfalls and all.

Anyways, sort of planning to, once the update is live, devote myself to finding the perfect seed, then maybe getting Realms and seeing if others would like to join in. :slight_smile: This is Bedrock, so all the consoles and Windows 10 versions. Though thinking strongly of getting Java too for the mods. But I like that I can get Xbox achievements (or PS trophies for PS4) on these - even for the Switch, it gives Xbox achievements - since that provides me with goals besides projects and exploration.

Only downside of the new stuff is that with the depth of the world being increased a lot, have to make my endless tunnels a lot deeper for decent diamonds… and also might have to make other materials for other mats. Positive side is, looks like emeralds a little easier to get (show on the sides of the huge mountains) and calcite isn’t just in the geodes.

Some looks at what I’m seeing in experimental here…


To update, I didn’t know there was a Beta for Bedrock that was separate from activating experimental features. So opted in, and managed to wipe all my worlds while updating to the correct version… :flushed: Though I was going to start over anyways, ah well!

For those though that like to explore seeds - as of this update, they think the seeds should be set, and are now looking for ones for their Seed Picker - https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/4412161976845-Caves-Cliffs-Part-II-Seed-Picker-Submissions-Thread

This is a fun way to kill time, firing up seeds, hoping I can find ones both for myself and them. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t played MC in awhile, it is worth firing up Bedrock Beta or the Java Snapshot. It is still MC but looks different and more interesting to explore.

Minecraft is a cool game, I primarily play Java Edition but also have bedrock. My favorite server to be on is Diamondfire, and I even met a few mcyts!

Diamondfire is a great server in which you can make your own games and upload them for othrs to see.

Heres some more screenshots

I revived this thread because I like it :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! :smiley:

The update goes live on the 30th. :slight_smile: I’ve been firing up tons of seeds… but still have only found one that is a maybe for a permanent home. Starting by a village or in flat terrain seems less common now, a lot of spawns in steep hills and occasionally even underwater! Seeing a lot of neat features though!

In addition to the altitude expansion and terrain generation changes, also seems they made the most rare biomes from before - the mesa and jungle variants - some of the most common now. But I love both mesa and flower forest biomes being more common!

I get spawned underwater pretty frequently (especially on Legacy Console edition) . Pretty glad mesa and flower forests are more common now. Maybe they’re paving the way for more updates now? I hope they are, I want a mesa update :stuck_out_tongue:

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Update is live now! :smiley:

Good thing is too, Chunkbase updated their mapping site earlier this month. The Bedrock Beta for 1.18 works fine in Live (the devs did say before that point that the seeds should be set now), and am going to assume Java works too.


This is even more useful now, IMO. After playing with it a lot, spawns by villages definitely are more rare, and have the issue of the rough terrain more often now… plus, might want to just fire up random ones on here to get ones with a nice biome mix.

I’ll attach the graphic the devs just posted a bit earlier, updated image of resources distribution. I admit I wonder how well the changes with this and terrain are going to be received by the bulk of players. It absolutely LOOKS a lot cooler, but things now more time consuming if in Survival mode.

I fired it up a little while ago and it seriously chugs on the old laptop my daughter plays on.

It does look impressive though, with some truly massive scale caves!

I felt like I was in some vast cavern in Moria with this one :joy:


It is the day.
let the update commence
I will be grabbing 1.18 screenshots for you all

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I’m hoping the EZPZ server gets updated in a day or two, I prepared by mining out a chunk all the way to bedrock since new caves will spawn underneath your old worlds bedrock and turn your old bedrock into deepslate or something

One of my Alaskan friends who plays on it as well will have to mine out a bigger hole since he has a huge hole right next to his base

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Wait, EZPZ has a minecraft server?


Yea, all of its information is on discord. We have a few plugins including mcmmo, mobarena, and a shop plugin

I’ve been the only active member on it since most people were waiting for the update


Cool, could I have the IP or is that with the other info?

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I could give it to you but you would have to give whitelet your Java edition username to be whitelisted

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The SMP is pretty great, Minecraft is great, boundless is great, everything is great :slight_smile:


Also, please fix the map plugin I beg you @whitelet , I really dont want to have to individually crop the photo im putting into it lol

unfortunately that’s not up to me. the plugin developer never updated for 1.17

ah, sad. I had a 4x2 mapart I really wanted in the game, unfortunately probably not. What a sad pain :frowning: The cropping is awful to go through.

An artwork I just had to share

by one of my favorite artists on reddit


I may or not need some help clearing a nether fortress on the SMP, my nether portal spawned on a nether fortress.

the portal

the seemingly halfway-cleared fortress. I might make a farm out of this


I found a really epic mountain range with a village on the side not too far from spawn in Bedrock seed -1537709394, will probably build something at the base of the mountain by the village.

Also has this neat village nearby, and there are some other good villages and flower forest areas. :slight_smile:

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