Minimal ping loss results in unplayable connection


Hey there. Had a rough weekend trying to Boundless. So far I have tolerated the occasional connection to server unstable. But this weekend. Oh boy. I spent most of the weekend being bounced around like a pinball as connection dropped. I am a network tech so I checked my ups and downs and ping. And yes I do get about a 3 % overall package loss because I have a vpn firewall. But I can run other mmos without noticing a drop. This weekend we did have peak traffic with chisel town event and I was there and yes I was broadcasting the event. However even the day after I was still disconnected about 10 times. I know you are growing your servers but is there anything you can do to be more forgiving toward packet droppers. And yes I did turn my caching down and the mbps down. Nothing helped. It was rough.

:frowning: sorry to rant. But I wanna play Boundless dagnabit. :slight_smile:

Game freezes a couple times a day (My internet is bad)

We have an FAQ on connection problems you may want to look at. If you follow the steps we/you might be able to narrow down the cause of the problem.


I think I have experienced what @Creegle has experienced on a daily basis. Especially on the Aussie servers to the point of being very predictable. It plays fine of most times but during certain times of the days (like usually around Aussie peak hours approximately GMT+8 around 5pm ish) I get hit with connection unstable messages. Checking the debug information I get some packet loss information. I am not a network tech but I am not sure whats going on either. I get it on Berlyn occassionally also during around said times.


@Creegle can you detail what vpn or firewall you’re using that gives you 3% packet loss? I wouldn’t expect a vpn or firewall to introduce any packet loss and if it did I’d personally immediately be switching to something else.
Also when you say you’re bouncing around, does that mean you’re seeing this when just running around in the world? The recent improvements we did to the networking should have mostly eliminated any rubber banding due to smaller amounts of packet loss. I was barely seeing any rubber banding when simulating over 10% packet loss.


After last update my rubber banding experience is completely gone, I get 100mbs download and 10 upload. I was talking to someone from the usa with 168 mbs download and 10 upload in solum their home server that was having connection issues and rubber banding effects. Still unsure what causes it because I don’t think it’s the players connection but maybe the pc or something server side. unsure.

Wanted to add pc [quote=“TinxE, post:5, topic:11787”]
After last update my rubber banding experience is completely gone, I get 100mbs download and 10 upload.

I wanted to add that I have a gtx 970 and i5 4690k 8 gigs ram for comparison.


Yes rubber banding is what I am experiencing. Severe runberbanding. I’ll make a video to show you. And as far as vpn service I use nord who is supposed to be the best. I use a local server as well. Therka, solum and nasharil are where I spent the weekend and most times I was rubber banded so hard that I had to re-mine blocks multiple times.


After playing for a while (a few mins at least) in a session where you’re getting the problems can you also hit F1 and from the debug menu select copy debug information and post that (either direct in a post or via a pastebin). That’ll let us look at the pattern of your network connection to see if we can better understand anything we can do to improve things.


I’ll be more than happy to. Thank you for your attention to this.


@blake I am the individual that @TinxE is referring to with having major problems on Solum (And in general, everywhere) lately. I have 168mbs download and 10 upload with a 22ms ping. My rig is brand new. I7-7700, 16GB Ram, GForce 1080 (8gb), etc. etc. Lately, the issue has gone from rubber banding to complete freezing. One time I noticed that it occurred right as I switched into the plot markers. Another time was when i was approaching a newly built staircase I saw in the distance that stretched from the ground upwards probably well over 100 or more blocks. I’ll go through your post, but I only have issues in performance with Boundless (but they won’t keep me from playing it!). If you need specific information from me please let me know! Thank you again for all that you do.


Okay we share some similar traits. I have 100 mbps down. I have an i7 with a 980ti. Same ram. I think though that my issue is directly corrolated with my occasional packet loss. Have you tested your ping?


So I messed with my graphics settings last night and after changing some things I noticed a TON of lag with the red server connection warning on top.

I noticed that if you go into graphic settings towards the bottom you can mess with amount of portals you can see open at a time, I am at work so I couldn’t quote what it looks like but you can change that to 1 and even the distance to the portal. This helped a ton. Maybe this is something you could try out?


Love this help. Thank you so much. I will certainly look into that.


Reflection quality hit my system hard but think it was memory not connection. Might try it.