Mining Whack-a-mole


Does anyone else feel like you are playing whack-a-mole when mining? What do I mean? Well… very frequently, like one out of 4 blocks (and sometimes more often), I hammer a block, it disappears because I did enough damage in one hit to obliterate it, I start hammering the next block, and like 0.75 seconds later the first block reappears at like 3/4 health. If I have moved into the spot where the block was, so that I can reach the next block, I get pushed back.

It is very frustrating, and it happens on every planet, at all times of the day, with every type of hammer. It even happens with shovels for digging as well. Just the whole experience can be a bit frustrating sometimes. I have to walk away and come back later.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Are there any suggestions to quell the problem? I have every setting maxxed and run over 60fps during my entire play session. i have my cache set to the highest available. I have the fastest internet connection that you can buy for residential use. I’m not sure that this is a problem on my end.

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I never have this when mining, but happens with building sometimes. I think its just lag tho.


like this?


The term is “rubber banding”. It doesn’t matter how fast your CPU is of how fast the last mile of the Internet is at your house if there is a problem in the remaining 99.9% of the internet between you and the server.

There are plenty of technical reasons for a reduced or inconsistent speed of data between a mouse click and a frame render when it’s round-trip routed through a complex globe-spanning network and a maximum velocity of the speed of light. But you can rest assured it’s probably not a problem on your end.


Don’t forget some packet data is always lost, even in fiber optics… Question is where does that data go… dun dun dun


This happens to me when I don’t release the mouse button when I run out of energy… the game miss predicts when I can resume mining and therefore some of the blocks appear to break but then come back… basically from your perspective you start mining however the server decides that you started mining either a little bit too soon or too late and therefore correct the results.

I can easily avoid this by letting up on the mouse button until my energy is restored… I don’t know if this is the issue you are running into but it’s a potential explanation. ( from my understanding the devs know about this issue)


I had similar a while ago, but it was me that reappeared. Got nailed by a wildstock and died. Message came up on the screen that i had died. Then 2 seconds later i was back with 3/4 health.

Pretty much intergalatic jesus.


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