Minor bug - Edible Lamella has lost it's label

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Since the last update a minor bug has crept in that has caused Edible lamella to lose its item label in all places except the item pickup log, the icon and descriptive text still appears when selected in the knowledge page or when pressing triangle when hovering over it while in an inventory, when you hover over the edible lamella in your inventory it just shows the black label container but reduced to a small square because of no text.

This can happen when using the furnace for recipes which include edible lamella. Restarting the client returns the label to normal. I’ve included reproduction steps in the other topic discussing this bug.

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This isn’t just in the furnace though, it happens in the knowledge page for the resource itself and crafting recipes that use it and also in inventories

Once the issue occurs the label is missing everywhere, yea. As far as I’ve been able to tell it requires interaction with a furnace to occur.

Are you able to reproduce this without interacting with the furnace in any way? If so, I’d like to update my reproduction steps to avoid any confusion.

i haven’t been able to replicate the problem, the label returned after restarting the game but didn’t disappear after using the furnace again for lamella based recipes.