Minor redevelopment at New Leyden Market


In adjustment to market trends Fidach’s Furnace and Fidach’s Fuels have now merged to one stand, Fidach’s Fuel & Metal, selling the following:

Beacon fuel

Basic 8c
Improved 175c
Greater 1000c

Compact coal

Soft 30c
Medium 60c
Hard 150c


Copper/iron 6c
Silver/gold 50c
Titanium 65c


Copper/iron 8c
Silver/gold 60c
Titanium 75c

And Fidach’s Forage has been expanded to add more items for sale, too many to list, but a couple of highlights are:

Shimmering orbs 70c
Saltpetre 60c
Exotic earthyams 60c
Inky leaves 25c

And many more at lower than average prices.

Coin Converters has also been expanded with 28 extra request baskets, including all ore and bars, coal, beans and more. All new baskets have 10kc in each at time of writing, meaning a total of 280kc extra for your unwanted mats! I will do my best to keep these topped up to the same level.

Happy shopping :money_mouth_face:

Official New Leyden Market and New Leyden Mega Thread

Not only that, since this freed up quite a few spot for baskets (a fourth) in the original Coin Converters, I’ve added many more items as well! More creature drops, even simple crafted goods like sackcloth!

So! Even more coin to earn!

Come clean us out!


Best price i’ve seen on compact coal and beacon fuel. I believe Centless is buying iron at 7c still too. Where is the shop located?


Hi, New Leyden Market is on Gellis.

Accessible from Ultima HQ and Mall, Gellis Prime, PS Lamblis, Taco Land, R3d’s, and more I can’t quite remember right now!

Search forum for New Leyden Market, there are previous posts with more detailed directions!

Look forward to your visit :+1:

Just one of the posts

(New Leyden Market, for shoppers and merchants!):