New Leyden Market is closing down!

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New Leyden Market, for shoppers and merchants!

The New Leyden Market in New Leyden on Gellis has been open for a while now.

For SHOPPERS a convenient place to find all kinds of shop stalls and for MERCHANTS a nice locale to open your own shop!

We have quite a few shops with different types of goods and more are always being added.

Noms 'n More is selling all the lovely pies and loafs and other food items for incredibly low prices!

Brews 'n Stuff does the same thing except for brews.

Don’t need Mega brews just yet? Go to Wargaz’ Potions shop.

Bricks you say? Bricks for 15c/18c at *Quick Brick and Brick-E-Mart

Coin Converters, now with 2 stalls instead of just 1, is buying your unwanted goods to make some quick coin. Baskets are refilled daily!

There’s also Senji’s Weapons for tools and weapons.
Or Nerarth’s Odds 'n Ends shop for all kinds of goods.

Of course we also sell metals and fuels at the exellent Fidach’ Fuels & Metals with the New Leyden specialty: LOW PRICES

And the same goes for Fidach’s Forage which now has a stall twice the size!

Let’s not forget your oort supply! Get your oort fuel on at Oortstation!

Of course the recently opened Original Forgeries is selling all original gear, no fakes here folks, for stunning prices!

Soon there will be a shop from Taco Land’s own LovinDaTacos and of course, as mentioned in his latest video, Jiivita will also open a stall!

Don’t be left out, get your own stall at New Leyden Market!

Information on the huge sign in front of the portals and on the AVAILABLE signs of stall plots!

Jiivita’s video:

New Leyden

We at New Leyden are a small group of people who have met in-game. We help each other out as best as we possibly can. Maintain our own portal network with mines and farm spots on many of the higher level planets (more are always added). The area is beautiful and there’s lots of space available!

Come join our settlement! Many plots are indeed pre-plotted but if you ask I can unplot them for you. Of course you can also settle at the edge of our plots, but make sure we can extend a road. Best would be to ask for a suggestion. Shouting for Aenea works or contact me on PSN: AeneaZiggo, or Discord: AeneaGames#0909

See you at New Leyden!

Looking for a place to build a shop

New Leyden Market Directory:

  • Red: Taken
  • Green: Free
  • Darkened: Future
  • Blue: Infrastructure, etc.
  • Black: Other builds

Shops by row:

Row A

  1. Senji’s Weapons
  2. QuickBrick
  3. Noms 'n More
  4. Brews 'n Stuff

Row B

  1. Wargaz Potion Shop
  2. Gleamzilla
  3. Coin Converters
  4. Coin Converters

Row C

  1. Oortstation
  2. Fidach’s Fuel & Metal
  3. Fidach’s Forage
  4. Fidach’s Foray

Row D

  1. Available
  2. Reserved
  3. Original Forgeries
  4. Solitude Labs

Row E

  1. Slingbow Depot
  2. The Power Forge
  3. Brick-E-Mart
  4. Boomer’s Boons
  5. Pyramid Foundation
  6. Available

Row F

  1. The Golden Fist
  2. Mini Shop
  3. Reserved
  4. Coil King
  5. Available
  6. Available

Row G

  1. Available
  2. Fox Corp Gellis
  3. Reserved
  4. Available
  5. Available
  6. Available

Row H

  1. Available
  2. Roo’s Bad Dragon
  3. T-Money’s Trinkets
  4. Available
  5. Available
  6. Available

Last updated: 26th Jan


I just went shopping in your town it has the best prices I have ever seen in this game so far. Thankyou.


I second that, the prices are very reasonable! I have been buying food/brews and selling to the request baskets there. One of my new favorite shops for sure!


I would be interested in moving my settlement t there


Sure! Come around and see me, then we can find you a spot!


Great I will come this afternoon to reserve a spot, hmmmm how about a spot in the f row


Ahh, so you want a shop stall on the market! First I thought you wanted to build your home here. Both is possible of course!

I see you later then!


I went to check prices on titanium alloy but fidach is temporarily closed :sob:


I’ll be back open soon, just re-evaluation slightly :thinking:


Can you add Mr. Beans to the list Under F 1? I have Bitter Beans for sale 80c each!! Restocked roughly 300 at a time randomly throughout the day, stop by and see if you can score the best deal on Bitter Beans in the whole universe!

thanks!!! I love this community!


I have updated the map/directory again.

For shop owners, if you update your shop name, please notify me, either here or in-game (@NerArth).


Hey Aenea, I’d like to put up a location in the Market if you are available.


Lots of new shops opening at New Leyden Market! And we have to keep expanding it!

But there comes a moment that there really is not any more room (someone blocked three of my roads going to the north side of New Leyden, boo!) so if you want a shop stall there, get it now!

I will try to make some recent screenies of all the shops soon!


Well done in getting to the bottom of it and fixing!




Can F1 (currently Mr. Beans) name be changed to The Golden Fist please? Thanks!!!


Ah! So you’re going to start selling stuff again? Was already wondering about that!