Original Forgeries just opened a stall at New Leyden Market!


Another new shop stall opened at the New Leyden Market, this one is selling forged gear!

More stock will be added soon, also lower end forged gear will become available.

New Leyden Market can be found thru portals at Ultima HQ red shopping floor (beware, we have a new portal, much closer to the portal hub!), Ultima Mall bottom floor (this one might disappear soon tho), PS Lamblis upper floor SE corner, Gellis Prime, Taco Land, Pawn Shop, River Towns, R3D’s, etc., etc.

Official New Leyden Market and New Leyden Mega Thread
Where is the best place for me to place a small shop?

Great prices with great stats. Highly recommend


Nice! I’m looking forward to seeing the low end gear. It seems to be difficult to find AOE Titanium hammers for example, for ore mining on lower tier worlds.

I’m also always in the market for the higher end stuff too so this store looks like it may be everything I need, all in one place! A very welcome addition! :slight_smile:

P.S. @AeneaGames Have you watched Jiivita’s latest video? Nice Plug! :smiley:


Watching now! Didn’t expect this much coverage, I better start making more pies! :joy:


Already extended the middle section with all kinds of assorted goods!

Lots of silver/titanium stuff is now there and ehmmm, I, ehmmm, am not perfect and all that so there’s a Forge Mishaps corner. Go check it out!

Also fully stocked with T6 1 shot hammers for 12999c, axes and shovels! Also added some slings, tho those aren’t really my best work so far…

Oh and lowered prices on the bombs and iron forged tools!


Will visit tonight.
Came by last night but it was all high end stuff which for a new character is no good.

Will happily invest in low level quirky stuff though, I only know of one other place that sells CHEAP low level quirky items such as titanium axes and hammers for 2200 etc

It’s a gap in the market to fill I think :wink:


Picked up a T6 Hammer and the last Wayfarer’s Totem yesterday. Great gear at great prices! :slight_smile:


Added quite a bit of titanium hammers, axes and shovels with 3x3, all for 2099c! They can have quirks tho and a random third boon, not always durability.


Added more of them! They go surprisingly fast tho!


durability 3x3 oneshot t6 diamond hammers axes and shovels at sero’s place


Why not make your own post instead of advertising your goods on someone else’s post about their shop @boom01


I like the shop name. Anyway, got an axe and a light/autoloot stick yesterday, thank you.