Missing prestige, was a city now a town

Been away for about 3 weeks before new year.Soon see im no longer warden ,no longer a settlement ,and no longer a (city).My prestige just before new year was 10,021,473. Now its 5,284780. A huge chunk of prestige is missing,i need to know why? The only obvious change that haappened near my place in lamblis is someone became a great city,called (united republic of lamblis) For some reason it just said pyramid 11 moon -united republic of lamblis ,everytime i walk on my land.But didnt say im a city ,town or village,and clearly showed im not even a settlement anymore like i was before.So i made a guild alligned my beacons now it shows my settlement but says im a town.I should be a city.I like fair play and would like help by a dev please.I post 'screenshots later to confirm my issues more clearly .Ilk before newyear n after.My prestige now is 6 something as this week ive been decorating." Now ive alligned my two main beacons plus my 1 Alt starchild it says im a town and a warden of my alternative character starchild .I am single player so everything i built is just by me.Im ps4 player.Please help me get back to being a city again.I will post all screenshots later when i have my tablet.Plus no issue of merging beacons.

Check if a beacon is flagged as “Bridging 2 Settlements”.

This happens when the game analyses a “road” section in the beacon’s plots.

This beacon will be rejected from the settlement and it’s prestige will then not be counted.

The fix is to find the “bridging” beacon and resolve the split. Search for red plots in plot map in builder mode.

(A player’s beacon list would ideally report that this is happening and where the issue is.)

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Already checked no flagged beacons no merges just missing prestige.Before i made a guild it just said my prestige was 5,2847,80.And didnt say im a town ,city or village .Just pyramid 11 moon-united republic of lamblis.Great city.I had no choice but to make myself a guild only so i can be seen 'as a settlement and a city.Well not a city now but thats because of my missing prestige.Theres never been a bridging beacon.Lol i had that happen to me a long time ago.

And 100% of the prestige was coming from your beacons?

All my prestige was and is 'all mine.My two main beacons are quite near each other.my home beacon is called pyramid 11 moon and was my first beacon on lamblis .My second beacon is nearby in 'another pyramid called ancient aliens.So these two beacons always join my prestige together because its still me.Then on my same land i have my alternative character called starchild which is my crafter.Everything here is all built by me.Then i have another character with only few plots on my cliff because i needed that space protected so noone could plot there.Even before i became warden of my town back then my prestige was normal.I became a city while i was warden became id built more things.It dosent make any difference if im warden of my city or not .Prestige always stays true.Anyway when you see sceenshots youll see whats going on.Reason why im reporting this now and not last week is because i thought it was a glitch.I only realised how much prestige was missing when i saw my screenshots that were taken before i had about 3 weeks break.I actually thought must be saying town instead city was a bug.I knew i was definetly a city before xmas because i was well happy when it changed.Remember prestige cannot lie for months.I was so happy i ,made sceenshots mainly because of this kind of problem .I always screenshot before and after updates as proof of what my beacon reads just incase.Plus my prestige is shown in all my screenshots past n presant.Taken on my ps4.

So do you mind sharing these screenshots? You’ve mentioned them twice in this thread, but don’t seem to see any of them.


Your settlement went from over 9k plots to slightly over 7k plots. So either you have a beacon that is bridging settlements or you deleted/lost a beacon

Also you went from 118 beacons to 7


And where is the before screenshot where your beacons show you had 10m prestige?

I see a screenshot of your settlement having 10m prestige but that’s not all yours as the screenshot clearly shows…

Since it looks like you’ve been absorbed by another settlement all the beacons that were not yours but that were counted towards your settlement now of course count towards the greater settlement that absorbed you…

5th image is from before i got to 10,021,473.As you can see my prestige ,plus when i was warden those 118 were beacons under me because i was warden then before xmas.I havent deleted any beacons ever here.Never needed to.So my beacons are pyramid 11 mon.2nd beacon is ancient aliens.Then my alt character starchild has beacon here and then my other character has a beacon with naught percent prestige .I will go and get exact names of beacon info and who it belongs to now.Couldnt upload photos before as my daughter had my device.

Your first image shows how YOUR settlement is build up from several different beacons.

You can clearly see that many of those beacons are not yours. I see many different guild tags in that list there too.

The world list, the 5th image, shows the combined prestige over everything you are warden of, this includes Portal Seekers for instance and all the other beacons that are not yours.

Then someone connects to any of those beacons and makes it one gigantic greater settlement, you stop being warden over the Portal Seekers beacon (and all the others that are nor yours) since the new greater settlement is the warden now.

To me it looks like you yourself did not lose prestige, you lost wardenship over the greater settlement…


my alt character STARCHILD PRESTIGE 69(,734. next beacon of STARCHILD is PRESTIGE 781.which us starchilds home beacon.3rd beacon of STARCHILD is PRESTIGE 116,393.Then last alt character is SOLARHEART and the prestige is 37 This is screenshots after not being warden.

The system is working as intended. You got absorbed by another settlement, you didn’t lose prestige, the beacons you don’t own no longer count towards your settlement anymore.


My city also lost some points over night the other day. around 50k - 100k

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This is on my land because my starchild is my crafter.Then solarheart was purely made along time ago just to stop anyone plotting a littke bit of my cliff side.I really hope a dev can hop over sometime and just look at each beacon them selves and even inspect my plots.Just to put my mind at rest.I just dont get how i can have a high prestige and just because im not warden it reads different.So dose this mean that any prestige i earn on my land gets added to other peoples beacon if there warden of you? None of it makes sense to me.I always thougt any prestige i earn is mine not to be added to someone elses place.sounds unfair.I only made a guild for myself and alligned my alt charscters to my main beacon just so it actually says on the map im a settlement and what i am ie city or whatever.I know how it works and i even nake sure i plot 3 wide so theres no bridging beacons.

So if i get to become a city now then in the future will i still be seen as a city? And why do i need to make a guld and join my alts beacons with my 2 beacons for it just to say on the map my name of settlement and weather im a city or town.Really in my opinion it should say pyramid 11 moon or whatever ive named my beacon or settlement and it should always say if im a town or city .Before i made my guild for myelf it just said pyramid 11 moon ~ united republic of lamblis.Why didnt it say im a town then if thats what i am?

Sorry to hear this :heart:

I just need a dev to clear this up for me ie write there opinion here just so i know its all above board and s true.

The 7 beacons are my alt characters and only 2 beacons are actually my beacons on my main character.Starchild has
3 beacons and solarheart 2nd character has 1 beacon .

How much prestige did those 7 beacons combined have before and how much after?

Since I haven’t seen a clear picture of that yet…

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