Mix It Up feat

The Mix It Up feat isn’t adding crafted colour sprays correctly.

This morning, my feat count was on 7,753:

I then crafted 744 white spray paint cans:

Once collected, my feat total was raised to 7,761:

Only 8 of the 744 sprays were counted. Is the calculation correct and the wording incorrect? Or is this a bug?

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does it count colors and not cans? how many different colors you created?

It definitely seems bugged, I’ve crafted thousands more cans than the feat gives me credit for. All crafted on the same character, on my only beacon (if that matters).

What numbers did you have in particular?

I don’t have exact numbers, just noticed when crafting (large numbers especially) it’d go up by tiny amounts. Econo’s pics seem consistent with what I was getting though. I’ll go log in and start some crafting and write it down.

I use 2 characters for mixing and the counts are way too low. They have the following counts:

In my shop alone are 58000 mixed paint cans right now. Together with sales I mixed well over 100000 paint cans already on those 2 characters.

The feat bases it off of how many colors you make each time

Started at 3418
Made 484 Luminous Turquoise (mixture of a few colours, fully coiled machine)
now at 3423

edit: From 3423
made 744 crisp tan
now at 3431

edit 2: tried making a low amount and worked correctly, 18 dark lilac and then 44 deep orange both added the right amount.

It isn’t per colour since I mixed only white and the count went up by 8.

My guess would be that each stack (Not smart stack) of paint counts as 1 regardless of colour. 744 paints is 8 stacks, which is the amount my feat increased by.

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Thanks for the responses. I’ll have a go at this to see if I end up getting a similar situation.

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So I looked in this. While the total number does increment correctly for a small number of Goo Pigments, it doesn’t look like it registers correctly for much larger quantities, so it’s been added to the bug database.