Mod Manager and Mod Collection


Those blocks were nice to
Yeah, we had some good things in EA :+1:
Please bring them back beside the current glass blocks.


Might be possible to mod that in client side… :thinking:


Yeah but you can only have one colour variation active at once.


Well I was thinking, there’s a setting somewhere to tell items to inherit their colour index, so if you edited some files so that the glass did have multiple colour indices and then edited the texture, it might be possible

Although server side inventory stuff would probably change the colour index back to 1 each time


I’d wager that the blocks placed in the world would always discard the colour index too so I don’t think it’s possible.




These don’t work on Mac?


Interested to try this. Do I just need to run the exe to enable the mod?


The exe starts the manager, which you can then use to enable specific mods


Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift to us :pray::hugs:
The exe made it so much easier to enable these mods


Oh wow, some of these could help with fumblefinger madness… I’m going to see what happens on a Mac; maybe it’ll remind me a little of glue scripting in perl if I can remember what that was like… I’ve been dying to do this sort of thing since I got into video games but my previous addiction ARK had no devkit for Mac. I’m in love with voxels thanks to this game as well :slight_smile:


mod_Tint_Code_Tool_Tips did not longer Works ;(


@EmorgAly Re-run the mod. It breaks after every update.


i did only this mod did not work again


The one where you get the # beside the name right? If so, I just reran mine and it works again. If not then I am not sure ask @Mayumichi.


äämmm sorry i did anderstand the last Reply (so my english is not so good an G-translate, made Bsullsh… to translate)


Did you press “Apply Mod” again after the update yesterday?