Mod Manager and Mod Collection


Thought of doing it that way, but for a lot of the UI stuff I don’t think devs will be tweaking it too frequently, plus there is always the option to revert everything via Steam so it wasn’t high priority. Essentially, the manually added default values are there just in case, but the safest way to revert will always be through re-downloading all the files through Steam and I guess I didn’t want to require people to do that with every new update just so the tool has the correct values (since that will also revert other mods which aren’t covered by JSON, like our texture ones).

Absolutely! In fact I’m kind of hoping people will do that. It’s like you said, the intent was to lay some groundwork, maybe someone more experienced with making apps and with more time on their hands will come along and use it as a basis for something more sophisticated and user-friendly.


you know what would be awesome. to have the mod collection on github, such that clicking the “download zip button”


And putting the zip into your mod manager’s folder (overwriting the old one) would just work. Then people can make pull requests to your github to add mods.

EDIT: I guess the whole mod manager could be on github…


Yep, already planning to do that!


@Pfiffel I want to download this but, not to good at the JSON stuff.

Just asking…Is it possible to put all the current Mods into your program and have them listed with an On/Off switch? That way for the less JSON people we could just go into the program and click on what we wanted. If the answer is no I accept that, I just don’t know enough about this.


That is the goal eventually, yep! For now the _mods.json file basically is the UI and the On/Off switches are the true and false values. You can edit the file with any basic text editor.


I did it! I can now actually see under water! I can see where the compass points are!
I’m sure the other things will appear more useful as time goes by, I added others :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!


Just thinking out loud… A mod that shows the cool down timer for a region after a meteor falls??? Possible???


Probably not, that’s server side information and not visible to us, I think.


Anyone made any new mods?


This is awesome, but honestly should be implemented for PS4 as well. If PC players have the ability to see meteors at a greater distance, that 100% gives them an unfair advantage.

Same holds true with invisible grass…


I have always wondered why console games don’t expose graphics settings. Does sony impose some restrictions there too, like with the debug UI? PC can also reduce the grass just via the settings, no modding needed. That’s 80% of grass removed and gives an advantage.

Especially since boundless already has most of this implemented so I assume they’re simply hiding the menu on ps4


Beta version of the GUI is ready. Please, if it doesn’t work, reply here or PM me so I can try to fix it. Comes pre-installed with the mods in the OP

Download link, it’s a zip file that you have to extract, then run “LaunchModManager.exe”

The json backup/revert functionality might have bugs in it, if it doesn’t work and you want to uninstall a mod, do a “verify integrity of game files” in steam. Right click boundless in game library -> properties, local files tab.


Making new mods

Your mod folder should match the boundless folder structure from the boundless\assets-folder onwards, put any modified files in their relative places and you’re done. JSON files will be merged, others will be overwritten.

Take a look at some of the included mods on how they were implemented.

The json format is a combination of walking the json and the original pfiffel syntax. I hope pfiffel doesn’t take offense with this modification, I personally found making new mods easier this way. The syntax is mostly the same, but you can nest objects in addition to using the dot notation syntax.

If the json doesn’t have arrays you want to modify, you can just copy the original file in to your mod and leave the values you want to change. Arrays have to be either completely overwritten, or target specific element(s). Let’s make up some json that I’ll show examples on how to target an attribute

JSON Example
	"items" : {
			"id" : 81,
			"name" : "Iron Axe",
			"damage" : 700
			"id" : 644,
			"name" : "Ruby Slingbow",
			"damage" : 700

Let’s modify the damage number of the iron axe, I’ll show you 3 different ways.

	"items.[name=Iron Axe].damage" : 9000

	"items.[0].damage" : 9000

	"items.[id=81]" : {
		"damage" : 9000

PM me if you’re having trouble with the format.

There’s lots to improve and you’re free to do so, source code is in the bin/src folder.

Why is there a .net project in there?

Building a python project creates many many files in the root folder and I didn’t like that, so I made a launcher .net program that just launches the real .exe in the bin folder. It’s basically just a shortcut to it, but it also sets the current working directory to the upper level so the mods don’t have to be buried in the bin folder. I know it’s messy, if you know a way to make it better, please do it :smiley:


would be cool if it includes some scripts for example to load tokens from portals into shopstands :smile:
def gonna help test this


That’d be a macro, not possible with a mod :sweat_smile:


add tiny macro manager in there nobody notice lol
(googling macro ):joy:


what does the old glass look like?



HA thank you I thought those were old wood frames!


I wish it was tintable to different wood colours ^^


I wish we can have metal blocks with same kind of textures as brick. Metal Bricks!