Modding *Straight Walking*?

I dont know if this can be done by modders but it would be awesome if there was a way to walk straight North, South, East or West. Maybe a way to lock angle or precise adjusting angles.

Precise adjusting aggles to North, South, East or West is mostly what im looking for.

Why am I asking?
Well im doing a huge build and running on a long line of blocks in a 90 degree angle cant be done precise and i’ll end up falling off :laughing:


Are you on console?

No im on a Computer

Nothing I can think of to lock the mouse, the W key does only move us in the direction we are aiming.
I made a controller config for my Xbox controller which I use to play sometimes and I mapped w to the the stick and removed the ability to veer off.
But that still involves using the second stick to set my angle then I don’t touch it

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yea but even if I look straight north and leave my mouse alone my angel wont truly be at 90 degrees.
maybe I just need a mod that dont let me fall of the block like when you creep but still being able to run

Are you able to get better alignment if you use the debug menu to check your precise heading? I can’t remember if it has a “facing direction”, though.

I don’t think it shows anything more definitive than the basic “Facing West”… so you could be upto 45 degrees either side of true-west and it would still say the same thing.

I could be wrong though, as I’ve not looked at the debug menu in quite a while.

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There is Camera direction
but getting it to precise 0 for North or South cant be done how ever much you try and same goes for getting it to 1 for East and West

that is why I think a mod is needed in some way or form.
I think a creeping mod that lets you run would be the best

Like I can toggle to only creep and I wont fall off but it’s so damn slow


You cant do both of what you are asking for, What are actually trying to do.

I know I cant do it and that is why im suggesting some ides to a mod or mods or if the devs like it they will add it to the game

The suggestions are:

  • 90 degree angel lock to either North, South, East or West
  • a way not to fall off block when you run. (Just like the creep toggle)

I could see a “sticky feet” quirk on equip that stops you from falling off the edge of blocks as if you were crouched.

And for rotation why not just put a block at the end of the path where you are moving sideways. This isn’t a feature that is going to draw in new players or retain old ones if they added so to your original reason for it, a quirk on a tool that allows you to not fall off blocks would not require you to lock your rotation because you wouldnt fall off the block.

But adding quirks will raise the prices of equipment because now you have yet another chance to get something you didnt want.


that is a nice ide! :heart:
edit: it could also become a brew or food you have to take if not a tool

It’s not that i fall off at the end, I fall off before the end at the edge of a long block line

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A quirk that makes your aim drift towards the nearest 45 degree horizontal camera angle? :stuck_out_tongue:


Please no more quirks without quirk gums


When placing long rows (or large areas of blocks) I just use the row I’m placing as the guide rail to keep me in a straight line. I mush myself up against the row, and position myself so that the next block i place is slightly ahead of my feet between me and the row where I wish to place the blocks- blocking my placement cursor. Then I hold down the trigger and move forward. The instant I move past the last block I’ve placed, the next one is placed, keeping me running slightly into the row (but never past) that I’m placing and away from the other edge.

I use this blocking technique a lot actually, and you can control your speed by angling slightly more or less into the row you are placing (perfect for when you reach the end of the row or stack in hand).

I guess this may be something that works best with the xbox controllers I use on my PC- those sticks drift so easily that even when you think you’re holding it straight you probably arent… but you should also be able to do this with mouse and keyboard in the same manner.

It’s especially helpful when building pyramids as I always have a row to lean against and it allows me to place rows as fast as my block placement speed will allow (with guild buff, correct stats, and fast brew I can sprint and not miss any placements)

if you decrease the mouse sensitivity in the game you can get very close… I use this for farming. once everything is lined up, i use the arrow keys to look down and have alt keys for planting/harvesting.


This guy ^^^

Exactly what I do. When farming I lower sensitivity on mouse both in-game and manually on my mouse since I have a button to do it on the mouse itself

I swear, I saw someone using a macro the other day for farming. I watched for about 3 minutes, as they moved in a straight line, doing “harvest, plant, harvest, plant”. Their movements were continuous with stopping, with precise turns.

or you could just have the central blocks a different colour to stay ‘on track’. I don’t really have an issue - combustion can be a pain, which necessitates looking down, but its only a farm 3 blocks wide so I can usually see the lava either side of my screen which helps me stay centred.

btw … you can also use the arrow keys for super exact turning