Monster Experience Rebalance

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Hey so I’ve been doing a TON of hunting - and I think a few things need to be tweaked. Here’s my feedback/suggestion post (this is post update 195)

Exotic monsters are a fantastic and welcome change - but they seem to give too little reward for the effort it takes to kill them sometimes. I think they should have something like a +50% experience awarded per exotic buff on the monster. IE: A normal spitter gives 100 xp, an exotic spitter with bonus health gives 150, with bonus health and resistance, 200, etc

Currently if you find an exotic monster with the right combo of buffs, they are just 100% not worth fighting. I fought a might wildstock with like 7 buffs - his healthbar was red and he hit harder than any elite wildstock I’ve seen! And then his loot and experience was a disappointment. Needless to say I did not continue attacking that herd!

Also, this is probably well known, but I’ve been hunting on an elemental world for like an hour and I haven’t seen a single elemental mob. Those should definitely give bonus XP also, if they don’t already… but they should also exist. Lol. I am guessing that is related to the world reset issue just like surface objects and ore density. So that’s just a little add-on.

Also, its well known by now that meteors are almost not worth doing either - I’d like to see monsters killed when fighting a meteor give +100% experience or so, and maybe even stack that with the exotic experience perks (if meteor mobs can get exotic buffs?), to offset the inherent danger you put yourself in (and high chance of death!)

Just some thoughts, feel free to chime in on this!


Would be interesting to see how we would reapond if the bonus is actually tilted further than that in favor of exotic monsters.

Works well in Diablo 3—players eventually get to the point where they brush off normal “trash” mobs, and beeline to the more challenging/rewarding mobs (that also end up being way more fun, too!)


We do want to give more experience for exotic creatures, we just haven’t quite got round to it. Thanks for the reminder! We do give more drops for exotic creatures but perhaps these are too low. A creature with 4 exotic bundles should be around as difficult as a creature one tier higher with no bundles. We have tried to balance it so that you would get the same number of drops from both creature variants. It’s possible this is bugged and exotic creatures arn’t giving the extra drops.

You said that you fought a creature with 7 buffs. Was this a bug? Creature should only ever be able to have 4 exotic bundles. They can also be elemental. Additionally they can have the meteorite status effect.


Thanks for the response!

I said “Like 7 buffs” - its entirely possible it was only 4. Exaggerations happen! If I see more than 4 now that I know 4 should be the maximum, I will make sure to let you know ASAP!

It does seem like they do drop additional drops, but it is inconsistent, and hard to tell. This may just be due to the fact that loot drops in general are fairly inconsistent across the board.

They feel like they are more than a single tier stronger when they have all 4 buffs though, I would definitely encourage you guys to either balance that down, or my personal preference: buff drops and experience to match their difficulty!

High difficulty monsters is a great thing, as long as their payout in defeating them is commensurately rewarded :slight_smile:


Indeed the drops are quite inconsistent. It sounds like the exoticness is hitting the right areas in terms of difficulty.
I’d also be interested to hear your thoughts on how exoticness effects higher and lower creatures. Do you feel that exoticness gives a larger boost to difficulty for lower tiers than higher?

We could do more to ensure the player feels rewarded for killing harder creature even if that was just by reducing the inconsistent of drops. More experience will come I promise!


Maybe a minimum drop, or guarenteed creature trophy for exotics? Idk just a thought. Great news on experience!

It does seem like lower tier creatures get boosted a lot - but then they are still trivial to a good hunter. On my non hunter characters I do notice their strength but its not unreasonable

Some high tier monsters are really scary with buffs though. Especially wildstock. They are so dangerous when they have all the bonuses, it makes their high health crazy high, they charge crazy fast, and hit like a truck. I generally ignore them because they are so much stronger and need more of your slingbow ammo, and with the added danger it just isn’t worth it. Wildstock might need a base experience boost (when they are higher tier at least)

Monster hunting is significantly slower leveling than mining at the moment too, but with the exotic bonus that should help even it out. I hope that we get a bonus to meteor monsters too though :slight_smile:


Totally agree with Aridhol :smile:
I think for this game we don’t need to be like normal mmorpg setting.
Since we have a lot of space to control our character.
Maybe add some weak spot for the Exotic Monster ?
I think this game has potential to be like rely on our personal control skill instead of gears / build.
For example, the player with a very nice dodge skill and combat reaction.
But as result they get paid by their effort of practicing their control skills .:sunglasses:

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i agree heavily apart from…

Regading mobs from their own worlds elemental etc simply because they are attributed to THAT world… they should not be any more for killing them (unless they have extra buffs) so basically an elemental from an elemental will give the standar exp of that planet…

Elemental from elemental with extra health/dmg buff would be as folowes…

  • for being elemental = + 0%
  • for being health buffed = 50% (or w/e)
  • for being health + attack buffed = +x% +x%
  • for healt/attack/armor = +X%+X%+ etc etc

I’d say reduce xp for normal creatures by 25% or maybe even 50% and leave current OP xp rewards for elemental ones.


Nerfing normal creatures is a terrible idea - because solo hunter players will be extremely punished in terms of experience gain. They can’t handle tons of mobs at once like a group hunt can


You know that even solo hunting (not meteorites, just normal) is still most efficient xp activity?
And I was testing hunting at lvl 15 doing meteorites lvl 1 - took no more than 10 minutes to finish it and get a nice few thousand xp. In between meteorites you just slain bunch of wildstock, which is especially easy if you go to icy worlds and they cant charge you effectively.

Idk what you’re doing hunting wise, but this is not my experience at all. When did you test this?

I get super crazy more xp via mining. I can get tons and tons of experience mining, ores give huge xp and if you have high mining skill you can dig them out instantly with very little effort

Conversely, I respec’d the same character to a full dps hunter and smashed all mobs for hours and meteors, but didn’t level even once

I can mine for an hour and gain 2-3 levels for sure

I also did the community hunt this morning, which supposedly is the best experience there is, and in an hour I gained only 1 total level. And I think I may be the only person who didn’t die at all either, so I had no xp penalty.

I am level 36 btw

It was before forge update - the thing is you hunt on moon worlds, not the 3rd tier. And you hunt creatures that are slightly too weak for you, ones than you defeat fast. And xp is flowing then. When I was lvl 15 I could easily and fast go for spitters lvl 2 and quite fast lvl 3, cuttles lvl 2 and wildstock lvl 3 as well. Then a few levels higher I could become good enough for regular lvl 3/4 battles with cuttles and spitters. And so on.
My hunter was always leveling faster than miner or crafter/builder. I was reaching daily and weekly bonuses way faster than with other professions.

1 lvl at level 36 for an hour play is good.
Try that with miner or builder haha.

How do you think I got to 35 so fast? Bomb mining. I bomb a room, then clear the room of all ores. Results in about 8-15k experience per section. Takes 5 minutes tops. I leveled from 30-34 in a single mining session about 1.5 hours long. Now I agree at lower levels I got less xp till level, but combined 30-34 is more than twice the single level I just got

And this is all after the patch

Also… I was hunting on Andooweem and 1 shotting herds and herds of monsters with reckless abandon. It just wasn’t that great

Ah yes - I forgot the bomb mining - I never got to that one. So, yeah miners got this way around for fast xp. However if you are interested in getting rock and what not during mining, not just resources, than you have to stick with hammers/shovels and you dont xp so fast then.

Atm bombs in mining dont work as intended by devs. They didnt want bombs to become main mining tool - more of a possible but not most efficient way.

What I have seen is people often ignore lesser ores when mining: foolishness! They give huge xp still, and you can sell mass quantities for 4c each and make a killing

Thats true - I always mine for all resources, even when I look for diamonds or titanium or silver, I grab other too.
Fishing out for just one/two specific is waste of opportunity, if I make it deep into caves or go far to some high mountains and spend time on journey, I might well get all the nature has to offer there, right?