MONTHLY Valhalla Gleambow Hunt

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if you are ever looking for your box , lol

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haha I was wondering about one of those! Thanks for hosting, and to the folks calling the meteors.

I had to head out pretty quick and was just oort looting/rez/healing unless timer was going to run out.

Oh and catching meteors with my face :woozy_face:

Which is easy when they frequently land next to each other :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:

Hey your guest storage is cool on Gleambow road right by platform!

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yes big shoutout to izzy and her awesome build


this lake was a trap
gleamception , the gleambow inside the gleambow

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bump reminder of the hunt in 9h 40 min


Hope to be back from Disney for this!


Due to lacking participation we decided to sum it up to the frist Sunday of each month
very sorry to the people that adamantly participated each hunt but we hope to get more people to participate if its only hold each month , if that doesnt improve we will have to ultimately stop the
Gleambow hunts for some time

no Gleambow hunt today , cycle starts at 6th of June


This makes me sad … but I will await the next hunt.

And here I was getting pumped for tonight but no worries I will be there on the next one


reminder bump

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Ill be there asap 9pm est?

should be same time as usual

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So is that 9pm est lol

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Hope to join you all next month. Hope you have a great turnout tonight.


Yup 8 pm central, but we have physical therapy tonight. :crying_cat_face:


oh my , hope you are fine . you can always join late though , no trouble no hurry :slight_smile:

We’re amazing. Roylln is readying for his robot ankle. Lol


Dang it u did it at the few times I can’t play this ugh
But thankfully I can buy augments and do em

Someone in game did a Gleambow event for funsies. They were going around buying augments.