MONTHLY Valhalla Gleambow Hunt

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Welcome .

Two monthly Hunt timeslots now! pick your poison until they are gone :stuck_out_tongue:

when :
next HUNT : Every first Sunday of the month , next one at
2021-10-03T18:00:00Z and
end : open end but at least 2 Hours.

where :
Both October hunts on Tesseract ( Gleambow hunt portal in TNT hub)

how to get there :
Gleambow portal this week at Tesseract hub and TNT HUB

what do you need :

  • a special Skillset focusing on fast traveling, fast hitting (no dmg needed ) and Grapple range
  • a Gleambow totem ( best forged with speed, aoe and autoloot )
  • Fast Brews and Revive Brews
  • any Slingbow (Gleamtrunks have 1 hp)
  • an Autoloot tool
  • Beacon, Beacon fuel and Storage chests / Campfires work as well but you can lose your spot
  • if you want to spawn your own personal Gleambow Meteor bring Gleambow Augments

how it works :

  • we gather on special build platforms .
  • Gleambow Meteors will then be summoned with Gleambow Augments
  • while summoning shout " personal" or “free” if you either want to summon the Meteorite for yourself or be it free for everyone
  • Players are free to chase whichever Meteorite they want but do not whack personal Meteorites
    just wait for the player to finish it and then loot the completed Meteorite box for Oort.

what about regular Meteorites ?
the most of the players wont do regular meteorites since the skillset makes us all very squishy
BUT since there is an active Meteorite limit per planet try to make it dormant to reduce the chance of a summoning Dud.


  • Players afking in the Gleambow Lounge will be much appreciated since it will improve Gleambow Meteorite size . thanks :heart:
  • There is a "Storage Forest " at the side of the Platform, please only plot 1 plot there
  • most importantly : have fun :smiley:
  • more information :Gleambow Hunt Guide

EDIT - fallen meteorites will be marked with gleamtowers for easier recolletion


Oh I definitely have to come check this out sounds fun!

I had a great time at the non-gleambow hunt last night, wuhu!

You are on the events calendar ( as Friday and Saturday for non-gleambow hunts, I don’t know who updates the calendar but would you please add your gleambow hunt to the calendar if you know you updates it?

Praise the Rainbow! Shoo the Dud!

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That would be me, should be updated now and added contact info to site.


Thanks for maintaining the calendar, it helps (me from spazzing out which is where?).


Thanks for having the hunt. I had fun tonight. Grand total of 1192 Oort and a bonus of 4 feathers. Plus tons of other stuff


Bump reminder for the hunt tonight. Tonight on valhalla they build a beautiful platform and storage area :+1:


I may come for the oortstone… I don’t need to be hording anything else since I’m STILL yet to finish putting away all the blocks I collected from the actual gleambow event lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

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What time is this gleambow hunt and where?

The original post was updated with the time. :slight_smile:


Well you might want to start hoarding though. I can only hold those hunts unil i run out of augments :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Today at 3 AM? Yeah sure I’ll see you in a little over 2 hours.

@Larky I have storage boxed upon storage boxes filled… Think I sill have some from the previous Gleambow event still to be sorted… YES I’m that lazy lmao :joy:

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You do know that beacon reclaim auto sorts your stuff by blocktype and color ?

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@Larky I will not be beacon reclaiming my entire storage my friend… was a mission to build it in the first place lol

oh no worries just make a single beacon nearby , put all the ■■■■ you want sorted into that then reclaim it on main beacon / beacon at storage.

how do you think i sort thousands of goo pigments and kernels?

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Sorry this week only a portal at vikings hub on sovereign valhalla for the gleambow hunt

I don’t see anyone at the hunt lodge @ Valhalla. Wasn’t it now? :o

there is a special gleambow portal in the regular valhalla hub

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