Gleambow Hunt Guide

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I just wanted to take some time and spotlight what Gleambow hunts are. I have ran into quite a few people in the game that aren’t aware of what they are, what happens and what the results are so I thought I’d give a brief overview of what I have learned about it so far in an effort to get more people interested in the weekly Gleambow hunt the very awesome @Larky put on.

What is a Gleambow Hunt?
A Gleambow hunt is a special hunt that allows the spawning of special meteors aka “Gleambow” meteors.

What is a Gleambow Meteor?
A Gleambow meteor is special meteor that is spawned by a player using a Gleambow totem with a Gleambow Augment attached to the totem. The meteors are made out of blocks of different types (Gleam, Rock, Wood, Glass, etc.). The colors can be colors only attained from Gleambow meteors. The blocks of the meteor can only be broken by a Gleambow totem. These meteors are timed and require you to break 50% of the meteor blocks in order to complete it.

What are the risks?
There are a few risks involved those being Gleam Trunks do spawn with the meteors and pull you into the sky a bit and throw you causing fall damage. They can be avoided by grappling to the ground or by killing them. Since this is a platform hunt you make take fall damage and/or encounter other meteors/animals that can and will hurt you.

What are the rewards?
Tons and tons of Oort, tons of different blocks of many and often rare colors only attainable via a Gleambow meteor. Lots of damn fun … jokes … and even free stuff at times :slight_smile:

What do I need to participate in a Gleambow hunt?


  • Gleambow Totem (In order to actually break the meteor blocks) Gleambow_Totem

  • Gleambow Augments (if you want to spawn meteors for yourself or the group)

  • Grapple (not needed but highly suggested)

  • Speed Brews (not needed but highly suggested)

  • Healing Bombs (To heal yourself and others)

  • Campfires and Chests (In case your inventory fills up)

How does the hunt work?
People meet at the hunt location, the more the better as more people create bigger meteors. When the hunt starts players take turns spawning a meteor, they will announce if the meteor is a personal meteor (a meteor for themselves to loot) or a Free For All meteor (a meteor for everyone to loot). Once spawned the player/players look to the sky for a meteor with a rainbow tail. They determine the direction and can take a portal (if provided) to the meteor and then sprint/grapple to the meteor as fast as possible and break it.

I know I may have missed some things please feel free to mention anything I missed and I’ll gladly add it. If you have any questions, ask away and I will do my best to answer them and maybe add them to the post.

Appreciate your time. I hope this helps someone :slight_smile:


I’m curious how many augments/GB sacs are left in existence still. r/dataisbeautiful/ :grin:

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I’m fairly curious myself. I know of some … I know @Larky has quite a few… I believe @DKPuncherello said he had a stash of them.

Larky mentioned a few names to me that most likely would have a lot but I cannot remember the names right off. This was the reason I had mentioned that when people quit I had hoped they would pass down items like this to others so the community doesn’t suffer.


I have a ton of Augments, not sure I have many sacs left though…


@Larky hosts gleambow hunts once a month… but if we have a lot of augments around I’d be happy to host one every month also… sometimes we have a great turnout then some we only have 6 or 7 people. While I don’t mind doing hunts for 6-7 people, using up all the augments for fewer people like that may not make it worth using the augments if they continue to be as limited as they are. Larky hosts his around the first week of the month and I could do one around the middle of the month… we’ll see.

I usually only join for the afk hunts so the meteors are a good size, but not sure if they are still going on…

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Yea they are those are the ones @Larky hosts usually. Granted most of us aren’t AFK these days.

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Oooh didn’t realise they were monthly, will be trying to join the next one. How long are people there for? as i always found it useful that people left their chars on for a few days straight so you could pop on any time…

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The hunts last about 3-4 hours depending on how long you want to stay. Someone (Usually Larky) spawns two meteors at a time … and we rush off to get them. Usually there may be anywhere from 3-5 characters AFK but usually most of the people are going out after a meteor.

I know Larky has stated he would AFK if ever needed and I can do the same as can a buddy of mine. Maybe getting a good 10 people willing to AFK would be nice. There are a few good gleambow platforms built… one on Tesseract and one on Valhalla are quite nice. Thanks to @Miaii and @Izzabell

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This is different than the gleambow meteors I remember.
During the first gleambow event, some years ago, my experience was that a gleambow meteor would spawn like, but instead of a normal meteor, and it would always not be in your current region, but at least one region away, so it would be quite distant, it’s tail would disappear so I could seldom find it, and there was a time limit of something like 20 seconds to get to it and break enough of it or else it would turn into a pumpkin, or maybe it would just turn all grey or something, I can’t remember exactly because it was a couple of years ago.
Sorry for the long sentence.
So I did not find it fun or go to subsequent gleambow events, but it sounds like they must have changed significantly. I know there were no sacs or augments.
Is there anyone still here who knows when the event changed? And can describe the changes.

Having portals to get you closer to it quickly would definitely help a lot.

Edit: also, I am not very speedy or good with a grapple, so that was a problem for me.

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This is how official Gleambow events work :+1:
They spawn on specific tier planets and you have to try to reach them before anyone else, or with a team. If the timer runs out before you collect enough of the gleambow meteor, it all turns to local blocks and you don’t get the prize box.
They added sacs and the ability to make augments, so that players could spawn Gleambows after the event and/or have more control of where and when they spawn. I think GB sacs can only be obtained as cuttletrunk drops during an official event.


Thanks for the info.

I hope we will have official events again someday.

Halloween is near and of course Winter is coming…and Ortmas

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Someone more knowledgeable can probably chime in here but for the unofficial meteor hunts, we spawn meteors that do show up like a normal meteor a region away, but the Gleambow platform is simply setup with portals in every direction … N, NE, NW, S, SE, SW, etc. …so that saves some time. The meteors are timed, but I think the timers are 3 mins give or take. I also think the timer gets shorter over time based on how many meteors are spawned.

For example, we spawn one … it looks to be landing straight north … you take the North portal to the region to the north and grapple to it… it’s usually quite close and we get to it before it even lands… you then have about 2-3 mins to destroy I believe 50% of the meteor before it fails, if it fails it would be the meteor turning gray you mentioned. I don’t think I have been to any recently where we had more than 1 or 2 fails. Forged gleambow totems with a speed brew are beneficial.

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Baby Cookie whistle whistle boop
Looks at gleam chests lots of rainbow augments

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Almost forgot about the great @BabyCookie she has quite a few too … as stated :slight_smile:

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I have tons of augments and sacs. If someone wants to run an event I can supply that stuff. I’ll just have to find them…

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@DKPuncherello I know where some are located in the mall if that helps and I’ll be happy to run events.

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I feel this pain, I have (iirc) 3.5 gleam chests full :sob:

Wish I had made pops out of those sacs :frowning: I still have a couple of sac stacks tho so I might someday. IDK.

There should be either a chest full in the basement or the shop stands in the lobby