Moonlight Canals Mall

Where? Beckon, there’s a mall on Beckon?! Yep, and there’s shops. How do I get there? Well there’s multiple ways: Portals seekers Biitula, DKmall, Gyosha Mall, and TNT Megahub. We are also constantly expanding our connection and shop space. Now about shop space, you can get a 1x6 1x5 and a 2x2 (you don’t have to use all the space in the 1 wide slots) you are allowed conjoinment of shops and all plots are free, though space is limited at the moment but we are expanding our space for more stores and are willing to queue up any one who couldn’t make it in time. There are currently a few operational shops around and we hope to see more in the near future. No one is allowed two shops untill we can assure that enough people allready have one. We do have a discord which will be posted below.

Yes, I all ready know I posted this all, but wanted to make a separate page for the mall so the city page wouldn’t get too crowded with posts from both topics. Thx for your time and for reading this, I hope to see you soon and is willing to further discuss any questions you all may have below :smile:


It’s a beautiful mall, I definitely recommend checking it out!!


Thx DK :smile: lots more work to be done as always though

We also now have a portal in Gyosha Mall :grinning:
And @majorvex is the best

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If you want to see some beautiful, aesthetic scenes, check out this mall. Especially at night. :+1:


I have not seen it I think with al my respect I do think we got to many malls they are shooting from the ground like rabbits, to many malls for the current boundless population.


I’m slowing the mall construction a lil bit so I can actually make my crafting room, I made a mini community factory a while back and have been using that, but there is only one of each machine and my production is really slow. When I am done with this I will definitely continue the mall expansion :smile: how ever we have active shops and got some new operational one lately so don’t forget to check them out


We are reorganizing the mall address system because we had a few complaints on people getting lost, we will reorganize the system to a branch system, ex. S 1 will be 1 A

This will line up with the road signs

Weird, people like the NSEW thing at Hamburg mall shrug

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Well the mall was also gonna take a tree branch structure as well so eventually the east would end up going north too so branch lettering would be easier and allows a greater range of addresses for different streets, also the branches have a color as well for the letter

lovely looking place! popped a pic in the screenshot thread earlier, hadn’t seen this post


Yeah it’s super nice huh?


Hey every one! I’m sorry to announce that I will not be able to tend the mall for some time do to some serious personal issues. I will be back on some time t get everything back in order, and thanks for your patience as it is well needed. If I could, I would have a co-owner to help run it but no one is a co owner and so that is not a possibility. Once again I am so sorry that these unfortunate events have occurred and this will effect any shop owners within the mall and I will take no personal offence to you removing your shops as this is a rather sudden change but don’t fret I will be back idk when but I will. Stay boundless my oortling friends and thank you for hearing me out


hope you manage to work things out in the real world.
You mall is pretty amazing and look forward to your return and continuing the great work there.
if you need anything then don’t hesitate to ask.

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that I have opened a few portals to the mall, I’m going to cut some of the original portals to help with the reopening and to help maintain the portals at an easy rate and thank you all for your patience :grinning:


Pretty nice looking organized mall. Still tons of shop space if anyone is looking. Even opened up a shop of my own there called Shiro’s Necessities for all that delicious plant and creature drops.


Hey everyone, I just wanted to say if the ports are down I will reopen them soon. My PlayStation plus went down yesterday and I cannot return until I renew the subscription. Sorry if it inconveniences anyone

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Ok, all ports are open again. I’m still refueling them

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you need to pay to be able to play the game via playstation?
isnt it stand alone game
once bought play forever
playstation noob here
i usually get one when my brothers buy new model lol

Ye ps is for rich kids. We old schools moeb and still play with joysticks.