More Female character models, please?


We need more female character models, please! :smiley:

I love the purple model with the “wings” on the side of his head.

But I want to be a female character…but all we have is this purple kitty and the yellow one.

She is very minimalist right now and totally not fair :wink: The boys can’t have all the bling!

When will there be more models? I know the Devs are busy working on lots of stuff, but would love to see more cute critters that we can command :purple_heart::boundless::nyhappy:

boundless dragonfly
PS: I would love to look like a dragonfly!


Did you just… assume their gender? :scream:


Female character models are definitely coming, although I can’t give a timeframe on that yet. Don’t worry, it’s very important to me too that we get some rad-looking female options :slight_smile:

Kawwak, I’m sure you don’t mean to be offensive but please don’t make that joke. It’s very insensitive to transgender people to make fun of what can be a very upsetting and unpleasant experience for them.


Knowing Kawwak I think that was an honest question with no ill intention, but he’ll speak for himself. I too don’t see current models as male or female.


I think the ones with slender build and face contours can be seen as female through natural projection of our cultural blueprints. So quite naturally @Jenndragonfly sees shown avatars as female and identifies with them more. Nothing wrong with that. I do see them exactly that way too.


Heh, sure, going off topic, but I really didn’t thought about genders until someone mentioned it on forums before. If we’re going to go full supportive of anyone’s choices and feelings I don’t think we should assume anything until models are explicitly related to gender. My opinion is that game shouldn’t make gender fixed for any model, those two should be separate and player can choose any or none if they feel like.


Without making any comment on our actual plans at the moment, it’s a real challenge to create truly androgynous avatars that all or at least most players won’t lean towards interpreting as inherently male or female. Humans have a tendency to want to sort people into strict categories and will pick up on even the most subtle cues to lean one way or the other. It would be a challenge we could overcome more easily with a huge amount of customisation options allowing players to choose from a range of more or less masculine or feminine features for their character, but the more options we want, the more work we’re making for ourselves.

Character customisation systems can be very complex and time-consuming to make, so I hope that what we do come up with makes you lot happy :slight_smile:


I’d be happy with a hooded/masked faceless option with no discernable cues what so ever. A little mystery can be fun!


just give them boobs problem solved :smile:


I would be happy if I could make something like that :wink: of course. Translated into boundless style art.


yeah thats a nice spear looking good :smile:


For now, on the androgenous front, it’s great that the config refers to the genders as “GENDER_1” and “GENDER_2”, but it would be nice to have this reflected in model names too (in the case that people go digging in the files and are offended), as some models’ names define them as female or male.

Basically, I support androgenous-ness, and thought I should just mention this in case maybe it was overlooked… (I realise these models will probably be replaced later to allow for greater customisation)


Funny I too never really considered gender till someon asked me why I played as a female o.O (the yellow one) I picked that model simply because I prefer small-ish characters w/o a lot of bling =)


Much the same in my model choice. I chose it mainly because it’s the least ‘flashy’, and now that I think of it I never really considered which gender it was. Although I often choose a female model in other RPGs where the models are human. That said, I’m cool with a range of genders represented in the models, or not. It won’t affect my affinity for the game either way.


I believe a lot of players naturally tend to play characters of the same gender they are in real life. Some would try a different gender or want to play androgynous one. However, it’s typical to want to decide what your character is: female, male or something else.

Let’s not get too neutral or politically correct by avoiding clear character categorization into female/male/androgynous ones (the last one might be a race based feature, I mean not to have actual biological gender).


Just remember: criminals are a cowardly, superstitious lot…with great power comes great responsibility, and … uh, the more you buy, the more you save!


I think that we should have set race themes to chose from for each body section,so you can mash together two different races in terms of their body parts, E.G. wolf head shape, ears, face style and tail, and bird hands, feet and body, that way we can create our own “races”.

And maybe we could have something like upper body and lower body options so we can choose for example, we could have a bird lower body and wolf upper body.


I am sorry if anyone got offended. I tend to make jokes which ones offend people, without the intention to do so. Anyway, it was still just a half-joke, because I really wanted to know: do you see any of these characters as male/female? Of course, without any judgement, if you do so.

Funny enough I started that conversation. :smile: I do see them as genderless too, but yes people tend to see the shorter, more colorful ones as female and the bigger, buff ones as male. I cant blame them.

Move the conversation further? I dislike only one thing about english, and its the he/she words. In my motherlanguage we use “ő” for both. :wink:


Hold on frankenstein!


That would either:

restrict us massively when designing the meshes, because now not only do we have to ensure that individual head pieces, faces, torsos etc are seamless at their join parts, we have to ensure they’re seamless across every single race. Aka ever single race would need to have the exact same mesh profile at the join parts, so you could never have a “fat faced race” because then its face pieces wouldn’t be mixable with head pieces from other races.

or: make the whole system WAY more complex by having to dynamically stretch/distort mesh pieces to make them line up etc and probably look… pretty bad