More Female character models, please?


Mwaaa Haa Haa Haa Its Alive, Its Alive Mwaa Haa Haa Haa!!! lol

Think about it though the amount of customisation that could be achieved with being able to mash different races pieces together and the awesome “races” people will come up with, how cool would that be.


hmmm yea that those sound like a lot of effort.

ha ha ha, all of my wishful thinking on the perfect character creator, I can only imagine it in my mind, a character creator that is fully meaningful, amazingly fleshed out with thousands and thousands of options. (Shighhhhhhhhh)


I would like to play as a sphere, with arms. Or a char you could carve out of blocks with only the in game chisels…


Hey, anything is possible if you throw enough time and money at it. Provided you have enough, that is…


YEAAAA!!! I can possible be an insane King if only I had time and money and maybe a bit of royal blood and maybe a place to rule over and people to rule over, you know what scratch that thought.


Yea if only the developers had the time and money to do everything they would like to. Sighhhhhhh


Even more offputting is the fact that the female models still use masculine voices… maybe need a patch there too? :thinking:


There should be a community art event to make new character models/concept art for new models.


Keep in mind, everybody, that the models, emotes, and voices are all more or less place holder assets that are subject to further refinement and development. Nothing should really be considered a finished state. My guess is as good as any body elses, but I would guess that we will see customization options for all genders to vastly improve the current variety. Feminine and androgynous voices to accompany emotes are not that much of a stretch, either. I’m sure that there will be more emotes added later that will need their own VO as well.


In Boundless we are a tribe of magical spacefaring star people. I hope we don’t need to bring the strange modern earthbound gender politics into it.


im meteorite people sorry


Sorry, I didn’t mean to assume your celestial body of origin :roll_eyes:


That genre of joke still isn’t funny, by the way.

And, alas, since in the real world we are modern earthbound people with gender politics, the games we create and play cannot be completely free from those concepts. We have to work within our human frame of reference.


I think if there is any place in life we can be free, it has to be in our art.


Where do you think art comes from? People. Who looks at art? People. Art is inherently shaped by the way we percieve it and the biases we bring to the table when we create it. As an artist making characters for Boundless, if I don’t take real world gender politics into account when designing and creating our characters, I’m being lazy.


what joke are we talking about
bit confused here on whats you talking about


“I didn’t mean to assume your celestial body of origin”

That one. ‘Assume your X’ jokes are based in transphobia. They’re not funny. I’m going to tell off anyone who makes use of them.


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had to look this up
agreed no need for that here


I don’t believe I could type anything here and don’t get misunderstood so I’ll just mute this topic for myself.


@brook-monroe - LOL I agree completely! :rofl: