More glass forms, a new clay recipe and more variants

Real glass

I want to spot here: we actually havn’t glass block. Now, when you melting sand and compact silt, you craft a window block with fingerplates. I sure, the result of melting must looks exactly as on the following picture:

Doesn’t glass inherit colour of sand?

Clay, silt and peat

Now we must put soil into compactor if we need in clay, silt or peat. Well, I take ten m³ of soil and make one m³ of clay/silt/peat. Where is another m³s of futile soil? Could we craft a clay/silt/peat in an extractor/refinery and after compact this instead of soil?

And here is another problem with soil: it’s hard like a rock. Seriously, it’s a very difficult to dig a mellow soil - exactly as a hard rock. @olliepurkiss could you make soil a bit softer (8K hp instead of 12K)?
(could you make wood 10K)?

High quality building

It seems like a decorative rock and bricks cann’t be chiseled. This is a second reason to not make bricks after hours of boring grinding of clay soil.

World textures

I looked once the Boundless on a monitor with almost 3Kpx width. Textures of a planets in the sky looks a bit squared on this.


When the sun rises in the West and sets in the East…

I spoted it already, but want to tell about one time more:
Sun rising on west and drooping on east.
Is it normal?

UPD: North is the bottom side of the planets in sky and south is a top side. Looks like you need to change N/S & W/E directions.

Height map of planet’s image looks inverted on down half of planet: mointains looks as craters and lakes looks as a plateau.

Vulpto on rails

Would planetary systems have any physical model? Now all planetary images havn’t relationships: you can see a position of your portal on night side of moon in sky and see day behind portal simultaneously.

It’s a very difficult challenge and physical model will has another weak points like a long periods when you can’t see required planets in sky. But I think it will be great to have such.

Not enough colourals

Now we have a very narrow colours palette: only four colours of gleam, same situation for other materials. I understand what now worlds are similar. But how much it difficult to do two colours of each material per world?

Dyed cloth

Well, now we havn’t any application for coloured cloth. And any application for colours of ink havn’t too.

But I have humble idea for using this coloured items both: to dye cloth by ink. And use cloth, bleached cloth and dyed cloth for craft coloured torches (not coloured flame as suggested by Zouls early).

Below a crafting scheme of dyed cloth and torch. This not required in new assets: you can use a white cloth as bleached and darken cloth’s model as dyed.

And another picture called to illustrate tinted torch:

It’s just decorative element and not has colourful flame. Cloth of any colours burn the same way.

Second hand torches

I think it’s a good idea to add alternate crafting receipt for torch: basic torch + cloth. Sometimes it’s easier to dig gems rather than tallow for new torches. To make new torches from old used basic torches possibly will be relevant.

Important question

@lucadeltodecso please answer: are items can inherit two colours of materials?
Let’s look on hammer from igneous rock and lustrous wood stick for example - can it inherit colour by rock and stick? Could different coloured woods be mixed in one crafting table?

Fragile like a cast iron

Stone tools is very useful. We can craft that by three types of rock, but it hasn’t differences except colour. Could it have different quality? For example, tools from sedimentary rock may have +10% to crafting experience, metamorphic tools may have +10% to durability and igneous may have +10% to damage.

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New machine: Shatterer

I want to suggest new machine for shattering different materials - rocks, trunks and etc. It may has a place between crafting table and workbench in technological proggression. Shatterer has only one function - to grind everything into smaller pieces. So it can shatter rock to stone more efficiently than crafting table, stone to gravel and gravel to sand.

Shatterer and stained glass windows

Now we have only one kind of glass. If you allow us to make sand and inked (stained) sand as desribed before, then we will have seven kinds of sand in only one world:

  • Original sand
  • Fine sand
  • Gravel’s sand
  • 3× Rock’s sand
  • Inked sand

It’s enought for complex and interesting stained glass window. It’s will only require coloured light by glass passing =)


As a rule, items and blocks only have a single colour stored at most within them. There is one special case where we broke this rule as it was deemed important enough, but the way that works is not scalable (eg grass blocks break this rule by having both a grass and a dirt colour) and cannot be extended to everything (it works by there actually being 756 versions of ‘verdant_grass’ one for each colour of each type of soil so that each grass block actually ‘does’ have a single colour in it, the grass colour, but the different block id encodes the dirt colour in a special case)


So taking the other side just for fun =)

The magnetic field of a planet is, to the best of my knowledge, relative to the planet. Much like Left and Right to a person. I can’t see any reason why east or any other direction couldn’t be at the “top” of the planet… other than most cultures on Earth like to put North at the top of maps ^^ which i guess is my point. we are looking at a planet not a “map of a planet”. Its a moving rotating planet… viewed from a perspective that is also moving and rotating… so which one is upside down??? yours or the planet that you are looking at?

technicalities aside it does feel a bit odd that they would be setup like this… and in the name of lessening player confusion i could see an argument for changing this… but it does have an distinct “alien” feel about it when you realize that the accepted norms on Earth are not laws in the world of Boundless… which i think is a good thing ^^

I brought this up before, they weren’t interested :yum:

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Only reason is “the East is the side, where sun rises, and the West is the side, where sun sets”. It’s a rule how we name planet sides. If we assumed what the North is a side ahead you where the West is on the left, it means we can find the planet where north magnetic pole coinside with south geographic pole. Also magnetic poles on Earth sometimes changes.
But who cares about magnetic poles whilst we absolutely havn’t such concept in :boundless: worlds? :wink:

It’s looks like not the best solution. Well, items will become more complex according to game progression. Especially when wearables will be added, because it can be made by different fabrics - simple cloth by fibrous leaves or crude leather by creatures or elegant and glossy material like a silk.
There more crafting freedom, if professionals will have potential to make items of two sources with colours (and texture and quality) inherent by both.
…And you will not need in 756 versions of each grass kind :wink:

If you will decided to develop such system, any tools with wooden handle will be great training ground.

Grass seeds

Long grass requires four seeds for every square. When seeds was first time implemented than we had three seeds from long grass and one from short. Now we take one seed with 20% chance from any height grass. It’s not so simple to make a little lawn in front of your home: you need to destroy 20 wild grass blocks for only one your.

Recycling and more

We need a possibility to reuse old materials. If you make copper slab, you can used it only for slab. It isn’t anymore copper and you cannot use it such way.

But why? Throw this slab is furnace and cook until tender.

This can be extrapolated to old wooden things - slabs, walls, stairs. Make sticks in Shatterer - it’s easy and useful.

As “fine gravel” I mean here blocks with this texture:

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Tinting brush

Well, it’s thrilling question. But what we with @Togar thinked out together:

First way: Brush like an tool which can be charged by ink extract. If you use it on a block, block’s colour gets changed to colour of brush charge. It looks like that:

Second way: Mixing blocks with ink. Here is not needing in new tool. You just put blocks and inks in mixer… :dash::zap::dash::fog::urn: …and get retinted block. Easy!

Oh, @Kurokaze raised the most thrilling part of colouring question: ink mixing. How I understand, now it’s impossible, because we actually havn’t colours, we have only palette of presets. But I believe you can restructurize this palette to make some laws about mixing presets.

@olliepurkiss what do you think about? Is it enought worthy to trying? :wink:

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Using ink and a freezer would make nice colored ice.


Yeah! Unlucky it will require a new kind of ice because current ice isn’t tintable.