Most Compact Oat Farm Layout (1 plot, repeatable)


I’ve moved onto Oats!

If you want to know about Starberries, check out this post:

My aim was to find the most amount of Oats you can have in a single plot whilst maxing out the crop yield (220% Crop + 100% Seed) AND making it repeatable in any direction (so you could have a long strip or a huge patch).

Oats want to be planted in Tilled Peaty Soil. Each Oat plant also wants to have 3 Mud blocks and 4 water blocks (this can be flowing water if needed) in its “Near” area - see the Starberry post for what blocks are considered “near”.

My first tip is combining the Mud and Water into one block, this is done by chiselling part of the Mud block then placing the water in the gap (basically look through the mud block and place the water on the block underneath).

I played around with lots of layouts and the one pictured beneath is what I found to be optimal. You get 48 plants per plot (64 blocks) and can repeat this side by side in what ever direction you want.

[Green = Oats on Tilled Peaty Soil] [Brown/Blue = Chiselled Mud block filled with water]

Disclaimer: There a few blocks around the edges that won’t be 220% crop yield unless its repeated. So if you want to min max the farm you’ll need to add a couple Mud/Water blocks and a couple of Tilled Peaty Soil blocks around the edges where needed… but this will look bad unless you can hide them. Play about with it!

If any information is wrong, please comment below!

Repeatble in any direction (best design for a big patch of Oats) [pictured below]

Repeatble in one direction (best for a strip of Oats) [picturedbelow]
(the strip would go from the left of this image to the right and continue)

The reason I think the bottom layout is the best for a 1 plot wide strip of Oats is because there you just have to go up and down 6 strips (looking down holding your button) rather than 8 strips skipping every other 2 blocks.


I love that you are making guides for each crop I find the knowledge tab a bit confusing.


Cheers mate, I love doing the testing and I write everything down anyway - so i might as well share it with the community :smile:


great work, mate!
thanks to you I figured out what I was doing wrong with my starberry set up!! :sunglasses::rofl:


does the mud and water have to be half n half? or can it be staggered? alternating water/mud within the blocks instead of plain one side one one side other?


The advantage to both in one is that it counts as a block of each. If you need 6 water and maybe 6 mud within 24 blocks then you have a better chance to get this if they occupy more blocks. Your method might work but you have fewer of each type of resource within the 24 block range.


oh im talking about within the same block still but using a titanium precise chisel to make it alternating mini blocks


ok I get it. . that should work fine. I actually slab the mud and put the water on top. . that also works


i like what you did honestly, sounds much more satisfying for design asthetics… hmm i guess ill try them all and see what i prefer.


This is what I get doing it the way I mentioned