Mount suggestions

Mounts are very useful in many ways, whether its traveling great distances in short amounts of time, charging into the battlefield while crushing your opponents beneath the feet of your mighty steed, or simply looking cooler than everyone else.

In games with mounts you are usually limited to what you can and can not ride. This has always been a somewhat disappointing limitation to me as i often find myself gazing upon a mighty beast and imagining the thrill of riding it into the fray. I suggest that in Oort Online you should not be as limited to what you can and can not ride. I see it as, if it can be tamed it could be ridden. Now obviously you shouldn’t be able to ride everything, such as a legendary creatures or creatures that should not be owned by a single person. But most creatures should have the possibility of becoming a hero’s mount.

Now with that being said here are a couple of mount suggestions. Obviously the images are borrowed from movies/other games (WoW for example).

Beast Mounts

  • These are mounts that excel at traveling on the ground.

  • Ram

  • Elk

  • Polar bear

  • Fox

  • Tiger

  • Boar

  • Wolf

Flying Mounts

  • These are mounts that excel at flight and can travel great distances faster by bypassing terrain.

  • Bat

  • Phoenix

  • Hawk (unfortunately I could not find an example of a hawk mount without it being on fire)

  • Griffin

Water Mounts

  • These are mounts that excel at maneuvering in water.

  • Shark

  • Sea Horse

  • Alligator

Anyways guys, thanks for reading and I look forward to reading your ideas and thoughts.


If we’re doing mounts I want DH bikes lol :stuck_out_tongue:
And srsly that fricken goat scene in the hobbit made me angry (but cool goats tho)- Almost as angry as the legolas riding bats scene.
I’d be down for mounts, as long as they handle terrain smoothly.

I think that beast taming should be a skill that took time to learn, a high level beast tamer could thne tame a cub and train it for a few days and it would grow into an adult and he could train it as a mount to sell to other people.

but i am personally highly against flying mounts, they are awesome in terms of seing the world but they render ground mounts completely useless and in the air there is nothing which can kill you. look at wow what happened when they added flying mounts in azeroth, nojbody ever used groundmount.

I was with you until I saw the shark :wink: that totally jumped the shark.


@ben I found a better example. One without legs haha.

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Well if the yadd wyverns, dragons, hawks, or anything like that traveling by sky could be faster but more deadly XD thin kabout that.

Also we are going to have jetpacks/wings why not having flying mounts wich can be used for flying for (example) 10 to 20 mins each hour before beging tired?? Next they just stop and go ground traveling.

i am still against flying mounts, we know we have jetpack but if they require fuel its not too bad. and wings prob wouldnt be too strong (i just see them as fancy gliders) :confused:

Yes but habing them time limited and needing to take your pet with you, not just like a skill or an inventory ítem just that, if we make them rare, and only work for 10 to 20 mins per hour 2 hours it could be intresting and not so game breaking

flying gives a great new dimention on travel and could be really beautiful when done well, but even with a timer like 20 min you could avoid anything in the sky.

your argument could be that you could have sky combat, but i would rather have them focus on the actual game combat first, maybe as a feautre after 1.0 in my eyes

yes XD that thing about flying mount isn’t going ot be a 1.0 feature XD more like a 1.6.2 feature xD (for example)

i really do love the mobility they bring, but the biggest problem for me is that you are completely safe in the air and it renders any ground mounts useless since you can fly faster.

Well as i have said earlyer…

Just add wyverns, dragons, hawks, or anything (and i think that mob thrower, ot the flying enemy mob that are planned will do the job really good ofr this XD) will be able to make it a lot harder.
Or even give their AI a specific priority on flying players/mobs

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still a bad idea, as i pointed out then you are forcing them to use a ton of time and resources on something that would be able to knock you out of the air, which would be generally useless because then they need to clutter the skies with freaking mobs instead of keeping them on ground.

as i also said it could be a feature to come after launch since they would need to make a ton of air only mobs if they wanted to make flying mount, and even then its kinda useless.

I think we all agree that air mounts are fancy after 1.0 features.

But there’s no reason why they couldn’t make air travel as deadly or even more deadly (you can fall after all) as ground travel.

Sky combat has always been a super awkward experience to me. Maybe it’s just the games I’ve played but idk.

did you even read the whole sentence >.<

You do the same ._.

nah i do tend to read the whole and answer the flaws compared to the meaning of the whole sentence.

in my biased honest opinion atleast :smile:

Well I was more commenting on ariel combat In general. I wasn’t arguing against it or anything I was simply sharing my experiences with it. I tried to quote just “sky combat” but I’m on an iPad it would only allow me to select the whole sentence.

ah sorry.

but i have to agree with you, i dont think i have ever seen an RPG with good arial combat :confused: oort might be able to beat the mass expectation and come up with it, and in that case it would be amazing to have flying mounts, but when ground combat is the main focus and point of the game it seems kinda out of place to me.

but i have to say @werff has a point, if they make them super rare and only useable for a small time frame with a long cool down i wouldnt mind.

(super rare being something like insanely hard raid boss fights)