Movie Night Suggestions?

So I know we’re a bit like a disgruntled virtual family here. I’ve always liked mining thru the What do you listen to while playing? thread for new favorites. I’m looking for things I haven’t yet watched, so I thought maybe I’d bring up a topic about movies without necro’ing too deeply.

I enjoy movies, a lot; especially the ones no one talks about or the ones that every one just hated. I know with streaming these days, there’s just about endless film fodder… for example, the bottom of the barrel on Netflix was quite the place as of a few years ago when I last explored that space…

If anyone has any hidden gems (or real gag fests,) drop a link for a trailer here. Maybe you have a ‘happy place’ film you like to fall asleep to, or just someyhing that completely caught you off guard? I’m not gonna police this thread, but obvious box office bombs are already obvious. Personally I enjoy just about every genre besides cheesy horror flicks, but even some of those have their charm. Old movies, new movies? Who cares… The darker the better!

Here’s my pick to start it off:

This one is actually really depressing, but take from it what you will. One of my favs.

Series are good suggestions too; they’re just like really, really long movies afterall. :wink:

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Will add more as I remember them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I really enjoyed Eureka and Warehouse 13 was a lot of fun… time for a rewatch! Never watched the other two tho… I’ll have to check those out.

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I recommend watching “The Lost Room” (if you can find it) as a prequel to Warehouse 13. Always felt it was a beginning to it all, the how it all began.

It free on

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