Moving Home: What are your thoughts?

Hey everyone,

We’ve had a discussion about how long it takes to build your base and what happens when you find a new town and want to move your base and all the items in it to that location.

What are people’s thoughts and experiences when it comes to building and moving your base?

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I honestly think I’ve built too big now to be able to move (or at least take every block that I’ve created, with me) even if I wanted to.

But if I were inclined to move to a different place, I would need to dismantle my build bit by bit and transfer to a separate beaconed location, which would probably take quite a long time.

My first home was in the mouth of a cave. I later moved to a hilltop and made a nice little desert shrine. As soon as I found a comunity I moved there where I stayed for a long time. The last move I made was to elopor where I think I will stay.
The move was realitivly easy. By that time I had enough resources to just make all new machines.
I think if I tried to move now though it would be a nightmare as I have accumulated a lot of resources and incorporated many precious matirials into my build.

I think having warps that work on the same planet or having permanent portals would make moving a lot easier. Still, smart smartstack usage goes a long way when moving.


Moving isn’t too difficult, as you can smartstack all the machines together. The only thing that would take more than 1 trip is moving all your resources, and that would take maybe 3 trips on average if you don’t have anyone helping. Actual base buildings themselves take a while to build if you want to make it big, but that’s how it should be :stuck_out_tongue:

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With the exception of salvaging precious materials used in my home, moving for me has been fairly painless. Is it possible to have an option to quickly dismantle blocks within ones own beacon when leaving? The first issue I see is that it would have to apply only to one’s own placed blocks, else it would be exploited as a quick mining technique, but it would really help me remove all of the copper plating I used to decorate my home.

Is this mindset something we should avoid? Or is it fine to leave in?


No I think it is the way it should be. I have used almost 200 plots.
I think after putting so much time into this place it is now my permanent home and I am happy with that. :heart_eyes_cat:
When the levelling bug is fixed and I start gaining plots agean I will probably just dot my favorite resource planet’s with one plot outposts and shops.

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This is just a thought, but you could have a warp block that warps everything in 1 beacon plot to another beacon plot with a warp block (doesn’t work on unmined resources or players). You would need a code of some sort to ensure warp blocks teleport to the right warp block. In this scenario, you go to your base, place a warp block in each of your plots, set up a code on each of them so you know how to place the warp blocks at your new location, place the warp blocks at your new location, then Boom, base moved, one trip. Could even have it so it warps chests and their contents.

(I do understand that this would be very tedious for people with tons of plots, again it’s only a thought)

This is an interesting problem, and I have seen it before. Factions created a similar dilemma.

Option 1. Build something that is interesting contours to the landscape and is unique, It will usually be larger and more impressive to look at.

Option 2. Design and construct a cookie cutter base. Qualities include small size, symmetry, low resource count, efficient use of space, very easy to reproduce.

Here is the problem you want player to make something that is interesting so when new player join they see something exciting like what you have shown them in the trailers. You also want them to move their structures so they do not stay in the same place. There two conflict you need some game mechanic to make the process easier. I believe there was talk of a blueprint system earlier on to make this easy to do.

So far I have opted for option 2. After experiencing the grind to gather the materials to make a minimal structure I doubt you will see complex builds often. Constantly moving will only increase the desire to build using minimalist practices. I also already feel a strong attachment to the structure, and area I have built at.

Template factions base

Reproduced in Hell1

My current base


ive moved 3 times so far lol,granted i only have 70 plots,but if i find a nice spot i really like i have no issues moving.
been pretty easy once you have the means to port around.


As a proposed solution I would recommend the following game mechanic;

Player lays down second beacon in world two. Then they places marker blocks in the corners of the claim to indicated where they want the structure moved to. Construction of a machine is required that moves the block from one to another. It takes a large amount of spark to power this. Player then opens warp between the two worlds. The machine is activated and the block begin transferring from one to another, this takes a fair bit of time for the block transfer to complete.

This could also be used as a means to relocate from one city to another on the same planet. Encouraging player to set up next to each other in cities after they have done the work of getting started. This would allow the player to add to the complexity of their build and know that the time they put in will not go to waste. I think the result would be a much attractive structures all over the game.


That’d be a nice post 1.0 thing I think, but for now it seems just using blueprints + portals should be better than nothing.

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I don’t know. People are going look at the game at launch and judge it. If they see simple builds populating the game space after being shown those trailers. I think they are going feel mislead and the reviews will reflect this. For better or worse I think players are going to expect to see likes of @Nyuudles Spiral tower city. @Havok40k and companies project cities. The only way to realistically preserve and thus allow for growth would be to teleport the builds allowing players to add to them as they move through the game.

@Karko make a good point. Perhaps after the next wipe you (the devs) could designate a world that will go in the 1.0 game and create a chalang to the players to make citys and structurs.
The top 5 builds could win a prize or badge and the best city could be featured in the 1.0 trailer.
This would give people a reason to come together as a group and build somthing amazing.
And before it is pointed out yes it would give us early accsess people an advantage but im ok with that :stuck_out_tongue:


I just don’t understand why builds need to move. I feel like typical gameplay is you have a central city and several hubs.

People can see Nyuudle’s and Havok’s stuff…they just have to go to them. And if they want to see that stuff and shop there, then it’d be real annoying if some weekend poof it’s all gone and moved somewhere and you’re suddenly abandoned on your world with no nearby market or whatnot.


completely agree with this,thats my worry about allowing to much freedom on this as well.

I think the intention is to rotate what public worlds are in production over time. Meaning they will design new world to keep the game interesting and players will start spawning into them. Play through them and in time retired them for new worlds.

Thus if not teleported you would need to move builds manually or lose them.

This issue of moving becomes even more important when put in the context of deep multi tiered world exploration. I think cities are going to be more of an adhoc group rather than a static citadel.

In fairness I don’t think this has been finalized. But I think since they are asking about it points to the idea of a more transient game.

Yeah I’m not sure why people are so intent on being able to quickly move complex bases. If you want to move around a lot, then make a simple base that is quick to set up and take down. If you want to make a large city with tons of buildings, don’t expect to be able to move easily. I don’t see any conflict here, your base is only as complicated as you want it to be, and cities look to be a major part of the in game economy, there is absolutely no reason for them to be easily movable.


Seems like the general vibe is to not worry about this at the moment. Good for us to know. :slight_smile: