Moving items from PS to PC account

Howdie folks! I’ve played a fair bit on my PS4 account, but i don’t have a PS4 anymore (and i’m not expecting to own a PS of any type in the near future). I want to get boundless on PC and restart my journey.

My PS beacons have no doubt long decayed, but i was wondering if there’s any way to transfer those items from my PS account to a new PC account?

I understand that plots and characters can’t be transfered, but if i can prove (without access to my PS account unfortunately) i am the owner of the PS account, is there a way to at least get my items moved over to my new PC account?

I’m guessing i’d need to contact a dev for this, but if any oortian here has had experience with this, i’d love to hear from you!

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If you were able to get on a PS for a quick minute, you could pop a beacon out, give your PC character full perms, then you’d be able to access your reclaim with your PC character


I think the only way would be to use a friend/family member or someone you trust and sign on their ps4/5 and shift it all across.

Don’t really play anymore but happy to help facilitate somehow. How much stuff did you have btw? If it wasn’t insane amounts or very rare stuff me & probably quite a few others could just donate the stuff on your ps account to you instead. The real effort will be levelling back up not the items IMO

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Unfortunately my PS account is behind 2FA on a phonenumber i no longer have access to. I’m going to try and change this this week, so i suppose borrowing a PS, logging in and adding permissions would be my best bet.

I appreciate the offer! But i aim to revive a business, it wouldn’t feel right to take charity just to become a scrooge mcduck :wink:


I would go with using a friends ps to log into your account, give perms as @Spoodle said and transfer it all to the new toon. Only way to really do it. Other risky option is have a mate you trust to login and do it for you :grimacing: then change your password to ps after.

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Can i send a friend request without the other user being online? I can use a friend’s PS at their place.
That way i can log onto steam first, make the friend request to my PS account character, then log over, accept the request and change permissions.


login your ps account on your friends ps4 , place a beacon and reclaim your items
(note: pressing the reclaim does not require beacon fuel)
login your steam account
go see your ps4 character and friend it
then give your pc character full permissions on the reclaimed ps4 character beacon.

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Darn, i thought i remembered as much. I can only use their PS4 at their place, and my PC at mine. So i’m going to have to find another friend to do it :sweat_smile:

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then go to your friend, and take your phone with you, then login your boundless steam account on your mobile phone using Geforce now, just signup for an account , pick free subscription, that gives you 1 hour of play…must be enough to friend your ps4 account character

also don’t you have anyone at home that could press the button to accept the friend request?

or have your friend accept your friend request while you are at home on your pc

well you can make a guild with your bew charackter let your old charackter entrance the guild and make the plot guild property. That needs 2 trips though


Worst case scenario the offers there. I have still got 5-10m cash from the 30m I gave away and quite possibly a 250 page long reclaim storage (or more :sweat_smile:)

Can’t really see me coming back now due to RL changes and commitments so the pile of stuffs just sat there

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I can be using those coins very well…for a future thing :grin:

No rush real life comes first

Most of what I had went to darth and RTG.

Next Time I’m at home I will dust of the ps and see what’s there…

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On a related note, i’ve never done a reclaim before. I’ll have to walk my friend through exactly what to do and how to give me permissions.

Assuming we meet up in-game, what exact steps does my friend have to do to get me the right permissions? What exact items will he need? I’m guessing a plotter and a beacon, so he can plot something to put the beacon on? And then beacon fuel?

After that, is it as simple as giving me full permissions?

Friend request you.
Plop a beacon down and (interact beacon) put fuel in (friend).
Go to options (interact beacon) and give full permissions to you.
Go to reclaim (inteact beacon) select a reclaim.

Keep in mind if you have multiple reclaimed beacons on 1 character you have to empty out the reclaim fully before a new one can be opened.

If you have multiple ps characters with possible reclaimes follow the steps above with each character.

sorry no screen shots as im not able to play

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Thank you! I’ll keep the multiple characters in mind for sure.

Do you (or anybody else) also happen to know if you can be logged onto a ps4 character and a PC character, under the same boundless account, at the same time? Or will 1 log out the other?

That I don’t know :wink:

You cannot combine or access accounts from different platforms (ie: login to PC account from PS and vise versa).

As others have stated, you can access items/beacons if you give yourself permission.

I know you cant share items/characters, but i can assure you that you can use the same boundless account for both PS4 and PC :slight_smile: (as i just did so an hour ago)

I’m just curious if my friend will be able to log onto my boundless account on PS4 while im on PC, if it will log me out. If so, i’d need to create a new boundless account.

If you have a PS account and a PC account, they aren’t the same account. Yes, someone would be able to login/use your PS account while you are logged in to your PC account.

You can share items with other players/characters.