Moving items from PS to PC account

I know, but you can’t use your characters from your PS4, on your PC :slight_smile:

I think you’re misunderstanding something, please let me explain :slight_smile:

When you start boundless, either PC or PS4, it asks for your boundless account login. If you havent changed platforms in a while, you likely haven’t seen it in years. When i played on PS4, i made an account for this and used it for PS4. I now installed boundless on PC and without creating an account, i used my old boundless account credentials to log in. This worked. Obviously i don’t see my PS4 characters, as i already knew you can’t share characters (and thus the items on them) across platforms. But it’s still the same boundless account as i used on PS4.

The question is, if my friend logs in on PS4 with my account, will he log me out of my PC session, as it’s also using the same boundless account :slight_smile:

I have found this:

Which would mean it’s possible, but the dev never replied with an update whether it was actually deployed as a server-patch.

Pc and ps4 boundless accounts can be used simultaneously however…messages,private messages and such are also shared across them, also note that you are liable for your account so if he does something that is rule breaking its your fault


Awesome, thank you!

No because they aren’t connected in any way. Steam and Sony are different entities/platforms and have nothing to do with each other so you can use both at the same time.

I assume your forum account was created around the same time you created your PS account? Is your PC account new or did you login with old credentials?

As the others have mentioned, the only way to retrieve your old PS items is for you to login via PS, initiate a reclaim, and give your PC character or a friend perms.

I appreciate you trying to help, but you’re still not understanding the issue :slight_smile: It’s not PSN account vs Steam account. It’s the boundless account. Maybe try re-reading my explanation. You’re stuck in the wrong layer :stuck_out_tongue:

i do recommend for your friend to create his own account tho

so new profile on the ps4 and then he is able to use the game, you know how it works :stuck_out_tongue:

it does say in the EULA that no-one is allowed to login/use your account besides you alone

I don’t have a PS atm and want to reclaim my beacons from my PS account to my PC account, so my friend logging in on their PS to give me permissions is the only way :slight_smile: He has his own account and plays, i got him into the game :smiley: !

so the basics:

ps4 boundless account is the same account for boundless steam.
however! you have to create characters on each platform

your ps4 boundless account and your boundless steam account can be used simultaneously
so you can login to your ps4 boundless account and your boundless steam account at the same time.
this will not disconnect you from the boundless steam or the boundless ps4

as i mentioned before private messages are shared between the ps4 boundless account and your boundless steam account, because yeah its the same account duh…

you mentioned

while you just mentioned

so this is what you do yes…

log in to your own account, this means login your OWN ps account on your friend’s ps4 do not share your password with friends, family, or even if it was the pope! your password shall never be shared.

then on the ps4 boundless account place a beacon down and all you do is interact with that beacon go to the reclaim section and press reclaim, there’s no need to fuel that beacon because 4 weeks of fuel get added while reclaiming…

now go home and log in to your boundless steam account on your pc
and create a character if you have not yet done so.
after that go see your character that placed the beacon down.
then make sure they become friends by letting your friend accept the friend request or vice versa
then on your ps4 boundless interact with the beacon that has the reclaim and give your pc character full permissions.
after that’s done, remove your account from your friend’s ps4

go home and enjoy your reclaim on your pc


Yeah apparently you can “Family Share” that as well.

I hate to rat out a dead girl but someone told me they had 40 character slots on one key. IT didn’t matter by then though because keys were floating around for like 99c.

Also on topic nobody is talking about guilds.

  1. Make guild book

  2. Make guild

  3. Make guild controlled beacon

  4. Join guild with PS4 character. You can allow auto-approve I think.

  5. Either character can add/remove stuff from this beacon. Depending which character it is you can use the beacon for your reclaim, or just make a 1 plot beacon next to it.

You can ofc do this with a “real” guild just make sure that you trust nobody in it will interfere. It might take a little more time if you have to involve a guild lead, etc…

You can be in a bunch of guilds so making a private one for this is barely even a hassle. It’s good to have a private guild anyways.


Thank you, this helped too! Managed to do it without breaking the EULA :sweat_smile:

This can be closed as it’s been resolved :slight_smile:

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Closed at OPs request.