Multi coloured glass


It’d be awesome if we could craft glass in different colours. We could use different flowers from different planets as the ‘stain’ for the glass. For example, if you wanted green glass you’d have to get x flower from x planet.


Unfortunately (this has been suggested countless times) tinting glass is impossible, as partial transparency (anything other than entirely clear or opaque) is impossible on normal blocks


this has been discussed at long length. Basically, it’s not possible with this engine. blocks can only have an opacity of 0 or 1.
there are many threads discussing this, just do a quick search :wink:


Oh that’s disappointing. Ah well, maybe they can find a way in the future.


Its not opacity that is the issue its sorting order. To look correct transparency needs to rendered back to front as blending is not commutative. However there are some order independent techniques that approximate it well, for example


ah cool! well. I knew it was more complicated than that, I was just putting it in simpler words i guess :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for clarifying!


I’m just happy they fixed the frame situation and we have more glass and less frame now.


OH! Exciting!
Does this mean there is hope for translucent blocks in the future? :star_struck:

(Whats more annoying to me than glass is the totally opaque water. (esp. when looked at from the side) :sweat_smile:)


Its should work for basic alpha, though there are complexities.

Coloured glass throws up an issue of whether it effects light coming through it, t i.e. red indoors through red glass. That is more complex. The world lighting is just an intensity so that would be some extra cost and held lights more complex again.


Will there be any chance of glass blocks being able to be chiselled in the future so we can create glass domes for example? Or sloping glass roofs…



You say fixed… I say ruined the aesthetic of my builds. I preferred the old style over the new one.

I’m hoping they allow for crafting of different types of frames for glass.


I’m all for that… didn’t know it caused that problem for you. I support multiple frames for glass!


I had no idea anyone disliked it lol.
but for sure, I’m not against different frames at all!


I can certainly see that a transition from a nice, almost rustic frame, to a somewhat modern one could throw a couple builds off. I was thinking the frame seemed a bit simple and unfinished tbh


so not impossible then :smiley: crack on fella :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Water and glass issues
Water and glass issues