Munteen VII Unplayable



I haven’t been able to get anything done on Munteen VII for about five days now, as my ping is over the “unplayable” range every time I try to port through. Planets on other servers seem unaffected. I currently live in Taiwan. Does anyone have any advice?


If you do a trace route to it could help you identify where the latency is being introduced, but it’s likely the route that your ISP has chosen to take to the game servers is slow (because the ISP wants to save money, so they pay for the cheapest pipe).

There’s more info here: Q: I’m having connection / lag issues - help!?


As somebody based on Munteen VII I can confirm that the servers themselves have been and are fine.


swap ur dns server to custom one and secondary helps a lot :slight_smile: if the fastest dns for most people and its completly anonymous. so urs isp or any other service holder wont trace u back :slight_smile: what u were browsing :slight_smile:


^^ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: