My First impressions


^ but now i said it enough times :wink:


As long as we here at the Gemporium can keep up demand, we will never do this. That is also the beauty of the game. If you really want to support someone who wishes to gouge you, then so be it, it’s a free market. This happens in real life, but it does not necessarily mean that the entity will be more profitable. I do see the concern with the rapid growing coin supply. Thankfully, the devs are monitoring this to ensure that inflation does not create a huge wealth gap.


Resource Sinks are always the answer. Any inflation can be countered in a game where everything (most things) have a finite use.


To be honest though I see the opposite of inflation. With infinite resources and a larger player base prices will slowly drop, there will just be more turnover in larger stores. There will always be exceptions of course, like several materials have been rising recently for gathering purposes. Things like gems are actually dropping in price, some of them anyway. - This is why i’d like to see a larger shop block eventually, a tier 2 shop block.


same, but at a much smaller scale. My foods are cooked and sold to cover the costs, I didn’t get this game to work at a shop (no offence u guys are a galactic treasure :wink: ), It just gives me more pleasure than gathering and selling so that’s how i pay for other nice things :blush:

This also depends a lot on the actual community - I’d rather sell my raw materials to someone charging a fair price for finished products - even if i take a 10% “loss”. I’m sure that profit sharks will catch a few newbs but they won’t be supported actively so yeah


well thank you every one for your responses (and for not thinking i was a troll)

as i said as a noob and from a noobs persspective this is what some new comer may think - as for myself i have been playing on/off for about 3 years now - and it is very refreshing (one as a noob myself once more - due to the changes - and two to realise and find out a lot of old issues have been resolved) :wink:

@the-moebius and the other Aqua guys… i appologize for my deciet, and if you wish me to i will leave you guys (but i would rather stay and help once again - i always liked oyu guys, and as i say, i hope the past can be the past :slight_smile: )

And for any confusion i am the original poster of this thread @Deraionious and i am know as Deraious in-game (current main) - i would reply as the op… but that stuff gets old fast :wink:


yeah you welcome
aqua has a no rush rule
so you good here :smile:
not sure what ya talking about the past but welcome


Blockquote Public worlds - which are part of the main universe. You will pay for these, get to control a few safe things (like who may visit it and what level it is) but it is hosted by Wonderstruck and follows all the important rules of the rest of the galaxy - no hacks or exploits of any kind on these.

So someone decided to have a level three world and its got Red Gleam, now there is a private server that is linked to the main server group because he is following the rules and his lvl 3 planet is like Vulpto now you instantly have a leg up with a world that you dont let anyone visit but yet has red gleam…

this is just one example, of a list of issues that could arise from all these “unofficial” servers…



this is from a developer

so ZERO private servers will be attached to the public game world :wink:

meaning that if i was to rent a level 3 planet with my own rules… it would not be able to join any other worlds apart from my own private ones that i have rented/bought :wink:


I think these worlds will work like normal play - you land on a starting planet with all basic resources and so on and you only pay to have it closed to a chosen group of friends so you can build there the way you want. Then you work your way up to other worlds like others.

I can imagine that only starting worlds are available as those public reserved worlds OR if you can reserve a higher tier world, you still need to work your way up the progression until you can get to the higher tier world you hired.
Third option would be - you can only hire a world of a level lower or equal to the highest level you have travelled to and built on through normal play (so, that would work like unlocking tiers of worlds to hire).
Or maybe it will work like hiring a planetary system of 3-4 or more worlds to various levels and you make your progression through them in a normal way.


My understanding is yes there are private worlds as in yes, you can rent the world and make rules like who can visit and who can build on that planet. So, yes it is a private world as you rented it. However, if you have a private server rather than Wonderstruck hosting then you will never be able to connect to the Wonderstruck hosted worlds as they have no control then over that world and how you change it with mods etc. To allow a private server to connect to Wonderstruck servers would be inviting abuse as well as the general server security issues. So no, private servers will never connect. You create a character on a private server and that character, any other characters on that server and any items on that private server will never be part of the official game on any Wonderstruck hosted server. You can rent worlds though and if the general rules of public worlds are followed (some things as @james stated are allowed as rules) then the world can connect to other Wonderstruck hosted worlds. Some people seem to be mixing up “private server” vs. “private world” (aka “rented world”) that is hosted by Wonderstruck.


If a private server follows the rules of the main server, and is one of the templates they provide, it will be connected.
(The world’s connected WILL be hosted by the devs)


People are getting confused and on steam.

There are two types of private world from what I can see being proposed. One that follows the rules and connects to the universe, and one that can be modded that doesn’t.


Right. The one that can be modded is not on an official server. It is a private world on a private server and not connected to the official servers or their planets (whether public planets on the official servers or “private” rented planets on the official servers). No modded planets or servers will be connected to the official servers and their planets.


Just change the word “server” to “planet” and you are correct @willcrutchley . If it’s a private planet rented from Wonderstruck then it will be hosted on a Wonderstruck server. If it’s a private server then it will never be connected to the official Wonderstruck servers or their planets.


Planets technically are servers aren’t they?.. :yum:


maybe you did not read my post above?

Which now makes the private server idea now 100% confusing… so devs, which one is it?

we will never allow any private server to connect… ever @lucadeltodecso or

we will allow connection as long as they meet 100% the same rule set as ours @james ?

Both of who are on the dev team O.o


I read it, you said that no private servers could be connected to the public universe, and I was saying that the official private servers can be.
Luca said no servers NOT hosted by them will be connected, but you can rent a private server which is hosted by them, and have it connected. So they both are agreeing.


oh i apologize… are you saying that only private server can connect to private server. + official to official?

or are you saying private >official as long as same rule set?

i get you now (time for a coffee i guess :confused: )


I’ll try to make it a bit clearer lol
If you rent a server from Wonderstruck, it will conform to the rules of the public servers, and as such will be able to be linked.
If, however, you host a server yourself, you won’t be able to link it to the public servers.
In terms of linking private servers, I’m not sure :yum: