My Game Keeps Crashing

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My game keeps crashing no matter what I’m doing, has been going on since I started the game.

Sometimes it’s playable and just gave an unstable connection and then would be fine.

after some time I then saw it disconnect me after that warning after a while.

now it just alt tabs me and the process goes unresponsive. I did try Nvidia’s new 436.02 latency mode today but saw improvement until the latest crash no clue why I’m crashing or how to fix plz help?

I have a similar problem on my laptop (normally I play on ps4) it just seems to freeze up randomly, sometimes after 5 minutes sometimes an hour. I’ve formatted the hard disk, fresh install Windows 10 latest patch, updated all drivers, no other programs installed, shut down all non-critical background apps, and it still happens.

It seems to run fine otherwise, 8gb ram also on an i5

Did you have the option to submit a crash dump upon reloading the game?

The first couple of times I played when it happened Yes.
But lately No.
It just Alt Tabs, the screen goes black then I can see my desktop but I can’t do anything until I ctrl-alt-del and stop boundless to regain control of my pc. Basically Boundless Goes Unresponsive in Task Manager.
Before the alt-tab crash, I was having a complete crash of the game and it wouldn’t ask for crash dump either.
I have reinstalled Boundless 3 times due to this issue and I’m still crashing all my other friends seem unaffected.
even verified my files with steam and still nothing.

mine crashed twice the day of the update but has been fine since

Please share a game log just after the issue occurs by following the instructions in the link below:

Yeah,No matter what i do i crash eventually like the guy said above sometimes it’s right away sometimes it can take half hour

Let Me KNow If You Need A Recent Crash From Today Or Something :slight_smile:

On the ps4 it just goes to a black screen quite frequently lately even with no connection issues…

That’s Very Sad to hear as the game is fantastic wish I wasn’t disconnecting so much :slight_smile:

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Not Sure If This Was Needed But Im Adding It Anyways I Answered As Best I Could.

Operating system and exact version:WIndows 10 Pro With Latest Updates
CPU and RAM:AMD Ryzen 2700x @ 3.69GHz- 16.0GB RAM
Graphics card model name and video RAM:Geforce Gtx 1060 6gb
Graphics driver version:436.02 but had crashes with prior as well
Your location:Happens Everywhere TBH
Details of your Internet connection: Cox Internet Preffered 30Mbps
Screen shot from the game:Don’t Have At This Time

Did you submit the log immediately after it happens? Because I showed this to a software engineer, who said that the log doesn’t look like it was updated at that point.

If you could submit another log once the problem occurs, that would be great.

Yeah, I Might Have Submitted The Wrong One Possibly, But recently haven’t experienced the issue.
Switched to Ethernet and ran a looooong 100ft cord to my room to avoid wifi issues xD But Before I Switched I Didn’t Experience any issues which were odd :slight_smile: but hey I’m not complaining :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Should I Have The Issue Again I’ll Post A New Thread I Suppose So We Can Close This One For Now? Or Keep It Open Just In Case :o

It’s up to you. But definitely submit a log file immediately after the moment you encounter the issue again.