My Second Year Build at the Aquatopian Embassy on Beckon

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Today I placed the markers for the core-chunk of a new commercial building.
This time I gonna build it from the inside out,
and hopefully, don’t hit the 512 mesh count limit :boundless:


Update 01

Construction has started.
The first placeholder blocks are up :boundless:


Update 02

Starting the first layer of elevation frame and cladding :building_construction:


Just wondering why you balancing the building on that Sandhill :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t worry @the-moebius - I have it carefully planned :grinning:
I’m not done yet, the lobby and basement will follow Soon ™
I’m building from the inside out this time due to the 512 mesh-limit :+1:
And all that Sand and Silty soil wil be transfered in the glass for the building.
In Dutch we called that “Circulair bouwen” :smile:


Ow I thought we call it bouw overtreding :grin:
I think it’s time to send our veiligheids coordinator btw what are you using to hit mesh limits I don’t see mesh heavy stuff


The Igneous stone blocks are place holders for Storage blocks.
Those and lots of Signs and Plinths are not in yet
The building is gonna be the new ORO- Storage Facility for
blocks in every :boundless: color …
Lots of work to do though :grinning:

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Still a lot to do then^^

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Update 03

4 floors elevation frame above ground level are completed now.
To reassure the Embassy building inspector @the-moebius I also placed some temporary heavy
duty posts, so the building won’t be tipping over during the construction phase :sweat_smile:


Update 04

First elevation braces are placed.
Also started with the outside detail-chiseling :boundless:
And of course, I will put up some lattice-work in the final elevation layer;
But fore that I need the “new” blocks … :grinning:


Update 05

This past week the “Big Dig” has started. :grinning: The sandy hill has almost completely disappeared
and has been merged with the building. I also worked on the framework for the lobby and first basement level … still waiting on the update of the new building blocks :mailbox_with_no_mail:


This is why i like walking in the embassy… its not restricted to any styles… theres always some cool stuff to see… treehouses… skyscrapers… some weird ass things people call bases… think i need to do a tour again

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Update 06

This morning I changed out some placeholder blocks :building_construction:
I placed the first homemade (be-)c(k-)on-crete for the outer shell
of the building …
Happy :boundless: building fun to you all this week.


Update 07

Did some lattice-carving today :smile:
Main entrances at lobby-level done for now… :classical_building:


I am admiring :star_struck:

Nice colours… this is gonna be your base or?

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Its gonna be the expansion for our (Odeon&Nardus) Storage Facility
And of course our base to :+1:
We need to give the building blocks a proper home :grinning:

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Update 08

All the external bracing, Concrete and Ornate Glass is done.
Also started to work on the interior of the building.
Lots of placeholders have to be replaced though.
My blocks could not wait any longer … they are slowly moving in :grinning:


Very nice storage facility, great job, I love it.

Today it was time to place the domes on the building.
Finally … another step further on this :boundless: project :smile: