My wishlist for Boundless

- more stable and stronger servers
- Fairer distribution of raw materials and not everything great only on US servers
- Farming
- NPC’s where you can buy and sell commodities, blocks, etc.
- placeable water and lava
- Much more blocks to build (And I do not mean colors, look at the competition (Minecraft, Creativerse, etc), what they offer)
- expand the maximum height
- Increase visitor credits at beacons
- More machines, for example, a blast furnace as a multi-block, which still burns quickly

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Though many of these ideas are great I just want to voice my opinion against shops or trading NPC’s which would destroy the player controlled economy.
Though I get everyone’s naterual desire to want trader NPCs it would kill most of the immersion of the game.


Well maybe player controlled NPC, where people can leave messages ect.
The npc shall walk around the beacon making commercials ect XD


I am good with NPC’s being able to buy items. I keep reading comments where the players that are offering request baskets have players selling to them, but not necessarily buying from them. I also think this offers players a reliable source of coin to use to go out and buy the higher level items. This is especially true for newer players and those that do not have a source of steady footfall income. I would limit it to items up to the refined level. No forged items or tools.

If the increase visitor credits at beacons refers to footfall, personally, I would not increase it. I will be interested to see how the upcoming developer tweaks to footfall affect the economy. Personally, I am not in favor of generating passive income for any activity that does not require some effort. Even portals require effort in that they have to be fueled with Oort shards. But once a road is built, all you have to do is fuel a beacon or buy Gleam club, which does not seem like enough effort for something that really offers nothing for the user.


But if you let NPCS buy or sell items, you are creating a forced price… likeDarlCricoble said, that will disfunction the player economy.


Wich player economy?

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From experience on several other games I can assure you that with enough content in game npcs would only help line the pockets of players enough to buy better gear brews and such from player run shops. And I’m totally okay with that.


Would also like the ability to add player run shop keepers and bards.
I wants someone to sing / play me a song when I walk into a shop just saying.


If the NPC’s would buy every item, then yes it would be a problem for the economy. Already most of the items are I am suggesting are sold to request baskets for no more than 1c per so if that was the purchase price by the NPC’s then it does not increase the prices and could create a sink in the game for the materials. I just do not think allowing NPC’s to buy the lower tier items only would be the problem that players think it would. I also agree with @Blackmage2015, if you give players a source of coin based on effort, then the active players have more coin and would be better able to afford to buy the higher tier items being sold by stores.

I see what you are getting at and can semi-agree but once you take away part of the control of prices then the whole scheme of player driven economy has been altered and would remove most the spirit of the game.

I’ve had no problem running solo for awhile making money on things and buying from others with no intention of being rich.

Use judgement, not desperation (to buy/sell)
Explore before settling
And always push to progress.

Those keys will solve 90% of players issues.

The Boundless economy is awesome when it works! Week 1, selling gold bars to baskets for 125c each, those were the good ol’ days.

The future looks promising as pockets slowly fill with coin. But then again for all us normies out there it only takes one trip to a shop selling nice hammers at decent prices aaaand we’re broke =(


I’m sorry but for me its still a good economy, might even improved!
I can still sell my items to buy the items i dont like to craft or gather :slight_smile:

But i am happy you responded that way. because that is just an blind reply of several people
to any problem they find be earning credits.

So far i can remember, most NPC traders dont buy garbage items either :slight_smile:
And your argument that most items you reguest are already bought in be 1 coin makes the npc obsolute. You just have to find out where those baskets are!

Maybe you guys should see the coin as a resource. You can sure recieve coin if you have too.
if you look around you can find ways to earn coin or even gain an income of buying and selling items again.
I last did t hat with a basic resource called Copper Ore.

If its garbage, then I would expect no one to be buying the item so I will have to disagree with this. I do not see timber and stone and refined wood and stone as garbage. They are useful building materials and even items like sand and clay are used to craft other items.

Edit, but this is all off the OPs topic.

What I meant was WHEN someone is buying the items they sell cheap for around 1c. But in any case, that is fine… . the game can continue the way it is and instead of wasting time traveling around 40+ planets looking for a store that just might be buying what someone has to sell and might also have coin in their request basket, players can continue to make everything themselves.

There is a major difference between coin and the other resources. I know where to go to get wood, dirt, rock, gems, iron and other resources. I can use the atlas to find the drop items. I have no such system with coin. I have no sure way to find a way to make coin. I personally have found that the looking around to find items can be a total waste of my time and in return for my wasted time, all the shops that did not have what I wanted or were not buying what I had to sell get footfall coin and I get nothing. I guess I am just tired of rewarding other players for my efforts.

Edit: but this is all off the OP’s topic and has been discussed in other postings already.


Adding to the wish list…

What about being able to equip an atlas then also being able to enlarge it onto the screen like some RPGs do for maps? From there, we could spin the atlas around to see which far off regions we discovered, or to check if there’s snow/sand or whatever on that planet?

Your thoughts please?


Or your could look before your go out farming for example bitter beans currently sell pretty well so when I want to make money I go the malls and some random shops I know buy them find the best price and see how many they are buying then go and farm that amount so I don’t waste any time farming more than I can sell or having to sell them for really cheap

So from me the player shops could be removed and only fixed prices for items are inserted. Which one can then sell to NPC or buy there. This would improve the game of my mind millions of times.

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One of the best suggestions I’ve seen on these forums :grin:


  • Transport belts / pipelines with which you can connect warehouses and production tables and if you make something the necessary raw materials are automatically retrieved

  • breedable animals

  • endless level / endless claimable land, provided you have the plots

  • Since the player economy in my eyes has long been broken, no one buys more with others, unless you offer the things for only 1C, you can create in my opinion, the player shops from.

Edit 2:

  • Underwater breathing potions
  • Underwater creatures
  • Weapons to hunt underwater
  • A rich tax, all players who bunker more than 250000 credits have to pay 25% daily taxes or even more … just so no one bunker money and brings it back into circulation

Lol I have a poor man’s way of doing this. Get your atlas out and note your location then hop thru a portal to another planet. Since you’re offworld the atlas will start spinning which let’s you scan the whole planet for what you want. I do this at portal hubs before venturing out so I have a good idea what to expect.