My wishlist for Boundless


Where does the “Rich Tax” go? Sounds a lot like …dare I say it…Socialism… if you give the money to other people.

Some people like to gather coin (wish I was one but I currently have only about 45k) :disappointed:

  • would be nice if you could craft coins
  • 100x more coins for finished quests / daily goals


And those need to be paid! Hmm… Could be fun!


Two main things on my wish list.

  1. Quests ! ! ! Simple ones. When we start the game we are in the sanctum. There is a treasure box that we have the choice to open or ignore. There will be quests geared to the players level, they open up the box that offers five quests and you pick one. Example players level 1-15 could pick a quest to collect 100 wood of any type or color and 50 copper ore. Take to trader at such and such location. You take the items there, put them into a box and you are rewarded with coins. You can do only one quest within a set period time, say a 12 hour period. in the example you get two coins for each item. That is 300 coins and will help new players to get coins to spend.
    It’s not hurting the shops any who sell the items. The limited amount they collect won’t hurt them and gives the player coins to spend at shops. It is a win-win situation.
    Ruins to explore. Random ruins that can change locations so if you go and find the ruin on planet Alder in such and such place and get some good loot the next day when it spawns it will be in a different locations. That keeps players from lining up to get into the ruins and search for the treasure box that hops nice items. Treasure for the most part fit the planets level, but random (and rare) good treasure can be fond. A rough diamond will randomly be found on a level 2 planet. Level 1 and 2 will have iron, or maybe silver tools, slingbow or fist.

honorary mention Less Rain ! ! it rains too much, cut it back a fourth of the time, Please!
NPC’'s won’t take over the shops, just offer payment for doing a quest that many don’t want to do and give coins to the lower level players so they have coins to sell.

Just my two cents worth.


Agreed! The snow looks great but less often please


If NPC’s can buy items, wouldn’t it just be a sink to remove purchased items from the game. I mean, what does a NPC need to purchase anything for?

Still, this was not part of the OP’s wish list - it was for trader NPC’s. I kinda like that idea if they were solely player controlled. ie. I have a NPC that hangs around my shop and answers questions, takes orders, whatever… all things that I will need to deal with later.

That concept would be pretty cool. An AI for NPC’s that is configurable by the player who created them. I could see that develop into something very unique for Boundless.


When you go mining what do you do with all the rocks you collect? Do you collect berries, sap? What do you do with all the foliage? Dirt, sand, clay, peat, they can all build up in your inventory and I am tossing them aside like the trash I see them to be. There is no where to sell rocks anymore that I have found that will give more than I coin and to me that isn’t worth the hunting all over for those places, I just toss most of them. Same with the leaves.

But, if we had NPCs, whether traders or o a guy who stands on a corner you can get the quest to take him the 200 rocks you have collected and give him to him, get two coins for each rock. That is 400 coins the new player would not have had and they can save it up to buy that nice axe/hammer/shovel they are desperately needing. Or the special drinks so they won’t die on a planet that is really too high for them but they need the iron, sliver, or whatever they are wanting to get.
Those who have a lot of coin aren’t going to waste their time doing the quests, going to the NPC to get one or one in the sanctum. But the lower level players will go for them until they advance enough that they don’t need the coins.
I’ve played games that had quests. Go to Trader Joe and he tell you go and collect 50 wood, 30 clay and 25 rocks. You bring them back and he gives you either coins or a choice of three or four items. They were as simple as bandages, bottle so water, food, things that were hard to find and desperately needed.
You are limited on how many quests you can do in a time period so you can’t go and do ten and get a lot of coins. It adds to the game, gives it another content that players can look forward to if they want to do it.
By leaves I mean the ones from the trees, not the plants we use to make sackcloth.


I’m into building so I pretty much use everything. Rocks for stones and brick. Sap for glue for bonding agents to make new tools. Sand and soil for glass. Berries to eat. Peat to compact to run the furnace.

I even run out of sand, peat and sap all the time and have to go and collect it specifically. I tend not to cut that much foliage, and typically have to go collect it when I need it.

Regardless, I totally agree we need more ways to earn coin.

@Crete was trying an experiment:

The Common Item Trade Experiment, @ The InfiniPlexx

I haven’t been there in a while, but it may be still running.

Would be nice if players ran this service rather than NPC’s.


NPCs aren’t what will destroy the economy. Players will do that all on their own with or without the assistance of NPCs.

What NPCs can be used for goes well beyond the scope of economic trade.

I wouldn’t mind seeing settlements of NPCs acting like players (with obvious NPC names) that go hunt creatures, defend their settlement, attack other NPC settlements, expand slowly over time, etc. and are on higher level worlds. It provides a swath of fresh air in the game. Even if those NPC settlements offered economic activity to players, it would be so insignificant that it wouldn’t matter. Perhaps it’s a way for players to get unique items and as such if those settlements start getting wiped out then those items become lost.

There isn’t anything that says they can’t work differently for world regen and creature spawning than we already have in the game so long as it works within game engine technical limits.

So instead of shooting down ideas, brain storm ways things can work that make the game way more vibrate and robust.


It would be a sink for materials, yes. But since these materials all regen, it is not removing them forever. My point was to find a way for players not getting footfall to reliably get coin without having to depend on exhaustive searches through shops looking for request baskets.

As far as an NPC to hang around a shop to take orders. I am not sure I think that is really worth the development effort. The player already does not need to be in the shop for exchanges to take place. With the new messaging system coming with guilds, could someone not just message the shop owner if they want something? And how much ordering do you think would really happen anyway?


A much simpler forge system.
for example. All ingredients are once again much more expensive. Then all current ingredients are removed from the game and new ones added to it. Examples then there are those for 3x3 AoE, damage plus T3 - T6, durability, etc.
This would have the advantage that forging anyone can and the few who know the current system, this can no longer exploit it without shame and demand usurious prices, which are simply priceless.

Or much easier ways to get coins. Example is still NPC’s to go to and can buy and sell items / materials.


Buyable Coins for Cubits. For example 10.000.000 for 1000 Cubits.


Fantastic idea! Now I can use my real life millions and buy all the expensive items inside the game!


So no, that would be a terrible idea!


I really hesistate to wave the “P2W” flag, because in a sandbox game there’s hardly any “win”.

But imho this would come as close to P2W as it could within Boundless. You would be able to get the rarest resources, the best gear and the strongest guild just because you put in RL money.


In order to become more of a MMO again and thus no player can do everything alone and thus all players have to work together, everyone should only have one character with a skill page allowed. This would help trade and strengthen the community, in my opinion.


If I was only allowed one toon with one skill page I wouldn’t be playing this game anymore.

I understand where you are coming from but I think there are different ways of getting there.
all successful mmo’s have never restricted the players in such a way, or none that I can think of anyhow
Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

Do love the idea of have npcs, whether interactive or not, just to fill out the worlds a bit, and make them feel less empty.