Naming your Beacon, Guild Settlement, and Greater Settlement

It’s now possible to name Beacons, Guild Settlements and Greater Settlements. The rename actions are all accessible from your Beacon Control. You need to have Guild permissions if it’s the Guild rather than yourself who is the Warden.

Below is a view of my test Beacon:

If you own or control a Beacon then you can rename it here:

If the Beacon is part of a Guild Settlement then it will be included in the Settlement Details:

If you control the guild then you can rename the Guild Settlement:

If the Beacon is also part of a Greater Settlement then it will be included in the Settlement Details:

If you’re the Warden of the Greater Settlement or your Guild is the Warden and you control the Guild then you can rename the Greater Settlement:


I encountered a potential problem with this system:

Let’s say Bob is part of a guild but has no control permissions at all and Bob also has a beacon away from the big main guild city.
When Bob and other guild friends without any control permissions now found a settlement far way from the main guild and they want to turn it into a guild outpost and align their beacons.

Under the current system they will never be able to name this guild settlement, right?
Unless they run to a guild controller and ask for it?

Now imagine it’s a big guild and this happens a lot and guild controllers have to run around and locate possibly hard to access beacons and set all the names.
Or lets say different beacons in a big city aligned to different guilds. This will potentially cause a lot of unnamed micro settlements in the long run.

Wouldn’t it be better for the system to fall back to give naming rights to the highest ranking guild member in case no controller is present within this settlement?
Or is the beacon alignment strictly ment for guild used beacons only, because that’s not how i see it used right now, with people aligning their private beacons to their guild to represent it.

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I have a beacon which I’d like to force into the guild settlement, is there a way of doing this if the plots aren’t adjoining? Another player has one plot (a road) in between my two beacons, so there’s no way of them touching.


I’m in the boat that didn’t like to have their shop announce “Guild’s default settlement name” whenever they enter my shop. So I removed the guild alignment to get the town name appear.

And the actual reason for doing this is I don’t like how the “Settlement Name” popup hides the price “tooltip” when looking at a basket or a shop stand. You have to stand there for the couple seconds it lasts to actually see the price. This annoys me when entering guild aligned beacons in a mall, so it probably annoys my customers too.


I un-aligned my shop for all the same reasons. Unfortunately my shop seems stuck between two different Gyosha Mall settlements so it still pops up over and over. Making a shop guild to make my shop its own settlement may actually end up the route I need to go.

Agreed. It’s always been annoying especially after portal transitions.

We have an open ticket to hide the newsflashes whenever a player targets an entity. (Or we need to present it in a way that it doesn’t obscure the entity information.)

I thought it would only present the new flashes once per session (or maybe world visit). So it shouldn’t be happening over and over… just over maybe.

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I was going to check back into this but I think MajorVex got his beacons/settlements patched up because I’m not running into two different settlements anymore.

Why do we have to go through these multi-layer settlement naming in one-owner locations?

One owner - me. One beacon. And I still have 3 names to enter (beacon, guild settlement, greater settlement).

Please make this guild settlement option disabled when there is no actual greater settlement (no other beacons than mine).


why i cant name my Settlement?

can it only the guild leader?

Yes - Guild Leaders can name Settlements.

(The Settlement isn’t yours it’s the Guild’s.)


@james Yea that’s the part I’m not a fan of. I have to find someone from guild management to rename my settlements if I want them to be a part of the guild.

This might be a use case for factions, maybe? Ask your guild to make a faction for your settlement and give you control permissions for the faction. Then align your beacon to the faction instead of the main guild and voila, you can now rename the settlement.

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