Natural Looking Paths?

I have been playing around with making a natural looking path into my cave base, this is what I came up with. But i’d like to see what natural paths others have used/seen please post screenshots!

I’ve used different colour gravel, igneous rock, silk mint + hot moss grass, wheat and some of these Green Ghostflowers.


Looks good. I like the touch with the wheat. The paths I have done look very bad compared to this…I just used gravel of one color in a straight line.

On a side note…do you have exceedingly tall characters? That table on the left is way off the ground. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I usually put in a some leaves and or growth in their too and good old plain dirt :smiley:


I tend to use the same colour blocks in different textures, grab yourself a transformation chisel and randomise the stone bits so they’re all different. In my dome I’ve used deco blocks too
Adding grasses around in various lengths helps blend it in too, especially barbed as it’s texture affects the adjacent blocks.
Also, as Mittekemuis says, foliage adds good texture.

I build in a natural style 90% of the time, and to make something look random and natural is surprisingly harder than being uniform in my opinion!

Will try get some path screen shots when I’m back on

Looks great though!


Something else that I find makes builds look instantly more natural is adding just a little differences in elevation here and there. Natural, well trodden paths tend to be indented into the ground a little. It’s often really difficulty to get right though :frowning:.

You could try little pyramids (or other shapes) of gravel or natural stone, or adding grassy slope blocks where your walls meet the ground…

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yeah totally and it doesn’t need to be much. Luckily grass grows on slopes now too

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I use cobblestone and gravel of the same or similar color


I like that, might use that in some places in future too!

maybe not quite what you are looking for but been trying to use only natural, unprocessed, locally sourced mats (plus some gleam/torches) to make a natural looking bridge and path (disclaimer - work in progress)


@XxymoxX Thanks! Yeh i wanted to incorporate some of the crops into the design, I will play around with the green Waxy Bulbs later on too. Hahah that used to be on the floor when I initially found the place, its now just too full of random bits that I can’t be bothered to sort it :joy:

@Mittekemuis Oooh that’s a good idea, I will be adding some trees soon when I extend the path, definitely gonna put some of the leaves on the floor by the trees :ok_hand:

@Trickyy90 Thats a good shout, not a fan of the deco blocks personally, but need to buy a transformation chisel asap! Yeh the barbed grass is cool how much it effects the adjacent blocks, but i really hate the look of the actualy grass lol, I only use Verdant and Gnarled. I agree, its so much harder to make something look natural than it is to make it look ‘Oortian’ made. And thanks!

@Marrash I did try to indent them slightly, but the grass blocks will turn to soil if they are chiseled with a Bevel :confused: So i decided to make it one level, but i think the elevation thing would look nice up against the cave walls! Thats a great idea with the mounds of gravel/stone, will add that in when i get to more open spaced areas :slight_smile:

@Apt Niiiiiiiiice one :fist: This looks awesome, the second screenshot its a really good photo too lol, looks like a scene from an apocalypse films :joy:

@catfud Wow thats sick! Love how you’ve made them look naturally random and the different layers makes it look like it naturally formed… did it? :joy: Where is this?


have a portal to this area from my lake build (capital of socahalitin I)…its the w.i.p. one, 2nd from right, in the long line.
slope chisels are natures friend :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s been a bit of a frustration for me too. If the joins between grass and mud blocks did texture blending as some other blocks do, you could make it look like it’s supposed to be mud where the grass has worn away, but as it is the joins are often too stark and obvious to look good.