Need to know!

Hello guys I used to play boundless back then I haven’t played for a long time. I was from minorangel if i can remember it right and built a place called Toon City. And I have a few questions. Since i last played over a year ago have the devs added any updates?
Is there lots of people active in boundless?
Anything New?
Is boundless on ps5?
I’m planning a come back and I’m coming hard!
I hope boundless developers haven’t given up cause boundless has lots of potential.


The devs have not added any uppdates
theres a Boundless United project going on, you should join it.
nice, a comeback!
the boundless devs may have given up, but it does have potential. We should wait patiently and if they cant release an update by 2022-12-31T05:00:00Z, i’ll leave


Welcome back. They haven’t released any updates since they announced Melee weapons, private worlds, and single skill sheets. They’ve automated events and been making patches/fixes. The most recent updates we had were beacon reclaims & rental planets.

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