New big project - Forging - / All 332 clean maxed out items/tools / Orders

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Hi all,

Today my new big project is open for customers.

This is my contribution to the community helping out with very good forged items.
I know some good forgers left the game and the ones forging now can hardly keep up with the demand.

So this is my way of helping out and so far I did not see anything like this in the game yet.

Have fun !


328 Items on shop stands so you can see what those items will do with your skill set.

Come have a look and if you want to place an order for some maxed out tools, let me know. :slight_smile:

Gem maxed out tools --> 8000c


Very Beautiful Setup you have at the Museam only have 1 question or Word “Lucent”? Lol xD

Ooh actually another question when you say limit 2 items do you mean example 2 hammers or 2 SS of hammers?

Ooh and @NickkThatsGood chan and @Primetime18 chan should have something like this should check out the nice Setup

Highly Recommended for the community to come have a look to was worth looking at

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Hi @BabyCookie, thank you for your question.

Lucent tools I am looking into. So far I never looked into them as I think they are not really worth putting all the forging ingredients into to get something good.

Correct me please if I am wrong, but so far I saw forged lucent tools that were not really that much better than maxed out forged gem tools. Ofcource a maxed out lucent tool would be the best ever, but again, it takes a lot of ingredients to make them. My last rough calculation was that for 1 maxed out lucent tool I can make 3 maxed out gem tools. Is it then worth it ?

Limitation is 2 items. (not smart stacks)
I have to start small as all players can use/break/buy way more items than I could ever forge.

HOST makes tons of T6 hammers and there are a lot of items for sale in shops.
I am trying to fill the small gap and specialize only in clean maxed out forged tools on order basis only.

You requested the ‘Drill’ BabyCookie as I do not have such a hammer in my collection.
I will forge it right now and show it to you. (all maxed out ofcourse)

@BabyCookie Your request for a ‘Drill’ hammer with the boons you wanted is done.
It is processing in the forge right now.

This is what the Drill does on my miner’s skill page.

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It’s Mainly the DMG Bombs and Certain Blink Bows I’m looking for as everyone knows I Solo Hunt T7 for ichor so Lucent is a Big plus if you know what your doing :laughing:

I run around with gem Hammers

  • 3 Drills
  • 4 3x3 hammers
  • 3x3 solidifier
  • 3x3 water breaker
    as my everyday carry

And I normally have 3 of each type of lucent as my Everyday Carry

  • grapple (Cause it’s shiny (Emerald is better))
  • slingbow (T7 hunting)
  • bombs (T7 Hunting)

As for hammers, Shovels & axes i think gem is better

But I’ll be one of the odd customers cause I like ordering hard to find stuff like example
horizontal (3x1) T6 hammers
Or T6 Drills lol xD

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Hmmmmm… That could be a challenge. Diamond hammer + max damage + max durabilty + AOE horizontal
Will try that one :slight_smile:

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Yep, works. Just made one !


Too long, didn’t watch…
What am I supposed to be doing? lol

Hey :slight_smile: I was wondering for which time frame we are talking about that has that 2 items limit. Like every week 2 items, every day, every month… something you should probably add ^^ for all we know, each order 2 items limit, could be placed each hour xD

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You need a better portal I already forgot how to get there lol

Hi @May-L04, good question.

For now I will accept order every day. If it becomes more busy I can always change that to something else.
I am still trying to find out what the best way is to make this work for everybody.
So things will change a bit for sure over time.

So feel free to order something. :slight_smile:

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Maybe he needs to open up a portal at the future of farms? Haha :smile: I would even fuel it!

Have already an order for spanners placed xD (found mine by the way again xD) but always good to have more

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The spanner is all done @May-L04. You can pick it up, let me know ok ?


Well it is not that hard to get there.
Let me screenshot it then, maybe then people can remember it better, I don’t know.

So from TNT-Hub you take the Dzassak portal.

Then go left and take the second small portal (the portal under the mouse pointer) called ‘Underwater Hub’

In the Underwater Hub go left:

Then go left in the water tunnel and you will see this:

On the right side you will find the warranty shop and on the left side the portal to the Perfectly Forged Items Museum.

It is not that difficult, :wink:

So TNT-Dzassak and go 4x left :slight_smile:


Would you be will to post a video on creating a perfect forge item. It’s been a long time since I forged anything.

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And ruin my coin-maker-museum-shop ?

It may have been in the video… But I just don’t have the attention span. Where are you located?

Look a little bit up in this post. You see 4 screenshots showing exactly where this is located. :slight_smile:

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